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Sameeram Movie Review

Check out the review of Sameeram movie starring Amritha Acharya, Yashwant and Getup Srinu directed by Ravi Gundaboina  produced by Anita Devender Reddy Music composed by Yajamanya this film released today with decent number of Theaters 

Sameeram is the story of An Orphan Sameera (Amrita Acharya) who lives a simple life style and saves money  one day due to one incident she decides to enjoy her life and leaves to Bangkok and   she meets Ram (Yashwant) there and falls in love with him . But Yashwant is already in love with someone else then what happens to her love story ? which incident changed her? how she overcome her situations forms the remaining story 

Coming to Performances we must appreciate lead pair Yashwanth and Amrita Acharya for their performances Amrita has got meaty role she has done decent job her performance is so matured being a debut heroin in telugu she has delivered her best performance her expressions are good . Hero Yashwant has done  a brilliant job his dialogue delivery is okay the chemistry between lead pair worked out well.Getup Srinu tried his best to entertain audience in the limited screen space .other cast has done as per the requirement

Technical Aspects:
At first we must appreciate producers for their good production values . Director Ravi Gundaboyina tried his best to deliver  a good film except few predictable elements his work is good he has done a decent job . Editing is okay . Cinematography is neat visuals are good Bangkok locations captured in a very well manner . Yajamanya has given good songs his RR is also good . 

On whole Sameeram is okay to watch  Performances of lead pair will engage audience except few routine and predictable elements every thing is fine Give a Try this weekend . 

 Telugucinemas.in Rating  3/5 

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