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Anthaku Minchi Movie Review

Check out the  review of  Anthaku Minchi movie starring Jai and Rashmi Gautam directed by Johny produced by Satish, A Padmanabha Reddy .Music composed by Sunil Kashyap

Anthaku Minchi  is the story based on science vs Supernatural power  Raju (Jai) is a happy going guy who has a dream to earn 1 crore rupees in this process he come across a challenge of worth 5 crores the challenge is to prove  whether Ghosts really exist or not ? Priya (Rashmi Gautam) and her father (Surya) works for one organisation which will not believe in God or Ghost they will come to know about the ghost in Villa and they also tries to prove that there is no ghost in Villa. How Raju is related to this case?   how  raju tries to prove about Ghost forms the remaining story 

 Coming to Performances Hero Jai has done terrific job he suited very well for that role his dialogue delivery is good . Rashi Gautam has done good performance she looks gorgeous her oomph factor will attract mass audience Character actor Surya has justified his role he played an important role in the film. Ajay Ghosh has done decent job . Vamsi played a key role and rest of the cast has done as per the requirement . 

Coming to Technical Aspects Production Values are good . . Cinematography by Bal Reddy is  one of the  highlight Sunil Kashyap has given Excellent music background score is the main plus for the film  it has taken this film to next level Dialogues are good Director johny has done good work his narration is good  he has given edge-of-the-seat experience to audience science vs supernatural power concept is good Editing is neat . Visual Effects are good .

On whole Anthaku Minchi is a perfect film for those who enjoy edge-of-the-seat films this flick has lot of scary elements and Rashmi Glamour will be visual treat on whole its a One time watchable movie Give a try this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5

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