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YATRA is a tribute to Dr. YSR

YATRA is a tribute to the unrelenting and undying spirit of Dr. YSR. Never before in independent India did one individual change the course of history to such an extent. Dr. YSR undertook a grueling 60-day 1500 kilometer pada”YATRA” in unrelenting summer heat to comprehend the day to day struggles of people. Appalled by what he saw, he took upon himself to make peoples life better – free power for farmers, subsidized education and health care for the needy and numerous other schemes. There is no better person to play the role of YSR than national award winning Megastar Mammootty. With over 350 movies to his credit, versatile and extremely talented Mammootty needs no introduction.

Mahi V Raghav, director of blockbuster AnandoBrahma, is directing this movie. 70mm Entertainments riding high on the success of blockbuster AnandoBrahma is producing this movie. Producers Vijay Chilla and Shashi Devireddy are going to leave no stone unturned to make sure that this movie matches the legendary personality of Dr. YSR.

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