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'Chal Mohana Ranga' pre-release event

'Chal Mohana Ranga' pre-release event held with Power Star as guest

The Pre-Release event of 'Chal Mohana Ranga' was held on Sunday in Hyderabad.  Besides the film's cast and crew, Power Star Pawan Kalyan graced the occasion as the chief guest.  

BVSN Prasad said, "I wish that the film that our Kalyan babu is making in association with Trivikram Srinivas will become a big hit.  I wish Sudhakar Reddy garu all the best."

Gemini Kiran said, "As we know, Nithin is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan garu.  This film should become a big hit."

KK Radhamohan said, "Nithin is one of my favourite actors.  This is a tremendous combination.  I too am eagerly waiting to watch 'Chal Mohana Ranga'."  

Damodar Prasad said, "Sudhakar Reddy is a good friend of mine.  I wish Nithin and the entire team all the very best."  

Maheshwar Reddy said, "The title is amazing.  'Pedda Puli' song has reached the shores of America.  We have seen how the legendary singer Akon himself has listened to the song and wished Nithiin all the best."

Lissy said, "If this is Nithiin's 25th movie, this is also my comeback film after 25 years.  Before choosing this film, I had listened to 20 other scripts.  I had done films like 'Iravayyava Shathabdham' and 'Magadu' before quitting the film industry.  I want to do such films once again.I love the Telugu language and cuisine.  I respect the women here."  

Madhu Nandhan said, "I have done a good role in the movie.  Come April 5, everybody will watch this movie in the theatre and enjoy thoroughly.  They will come out happily.  We are assured of victory."

Rao Ramesh said, "I am very happy to have worked under this combination.  The cinematography of Nataraj Subramanian are great.  Thaman garu gives new music film after film.  'CMR' is a cool film this summer.  So, it should become a wonderful hit."

Dil Raju said, "Long ago when he watched 'Tholi Prema', Nithiin wanted to become an actor.  It's a happy thing that his icon is the producer of his 25th movie.  Thaman has lent excellent tunes to 'CMR'.  As for the director Krishna Chaitanya, he proved himself with his very first film.  Pawan Kalyan garu had attended the audio function of 'Ishq'.  He is here today again.  Nithiin had asked me to attend this event as Pawan Kalyan garu too is attending. So, I have come all the way from Amalapuram."

Thaman said, "I have come to attend this event just to have a selfie with Pawan Kalyan garu.  Coming to this film, Natty's awesome visuals have helped me compose a better background music.  My first films with any hero have been hits.  And this is my first movie with Nithiin.  It will definitely be a hit."

Megha Akash said, "This unit is like my family.  I will always remember everyone from Shekhar Master down.  Natty garu, Thaman, Nikitha Reddy garu (the film's presenter), Sudhakar Reddy garu (producer), Trivikram garu, Pawan Kalyan garu, Krishna Chaitanya and Nithiin.  I hope everyone will love our film."

Krishna Chaitanya said, "I have always strongly wished to see Pawan Kalyan garu and Trivikram Srinivas garu together.  It seems my wish was very strong.  Which is why I got to do a movie in their combination.  I have so far written 40-50 songs for Thaman.  For 'CMR', the lyricists have penned excellent songs and Thaman has given equally amazing tunes.  Megha Akash is a sensible artiste.  She is a quick learner.  Everybody in the film has done a great job in terms of acting."

Nithiin said, "It has been 16 years and 25 films.  It's been a roller-coaster ride.  I thank Karunakaran garu and Kalyan garu for this.  It's after watching their film 'Tholi Prema' that I wanted to become an actor.  Teja garu taught me acting.  When I wanted to become an actor, my parents encouraged me.  Maybe they felt that I am fit for nothing but only films!  I thank all the directors and producers who have made films with me.  As for 'CMR', Natty garu's visuals is the film's backbone.  He always stood by our side and helped us.  I thank all the technicians along with him.  I have known Krishna Chaitanya for many years now as a friend.  I have all the freedom when it comes to him.  Thaman has given excellent tunes.  I also thank my lyricists (KK, Balaji, Neeraja Kona, Sahithi and Kedarnath).  The fact that my 25th film has been produced by Pawan Kalyan garu, Trivikram garu and my father is special.  I love these people a lot.  In an interview, I once said that if there is one guy whom I would stare at, it's Trivikram garu.  There was a time when I wanted to meet Pawan Kalyan garu at least once and have a click with him.  There was a time when I put up banners for him, I literally tore my shirt watching him.  Pawan Kalyan garu today is my strength in the industry.  I am fortunate that he and Trivikram garu have produced my 25th movie.  I have a request to make to Pawan Kalyan garu on behalf of all his fans.  He will definitely succeed whichever field he goes to.  But we fans can't bear it if he says he won't do films anymore.  We will always be hopeful that he will do a film someday."  

Pawan Kalyan said, "I know how hard it's to withstand oneself in the film industry without any support.  We would want emotional support from time to time.  I attended the 'Ishq' event for Nithiin's sake.  When Nithiin invited me to attend the 'Ishq' event, I was down with continuous flops. But I attended the event as I felt the invite was whole-hearted.  It's a great thing to maintain calm in both successes and failures.  There are students who have gone on to pursue IIT after watching my films.  Although the age gap between me and Nithiin is large, in terms of experience, it's just 5-6 years.  I like Nithiin's father.  As for Thaman, I remember that he was assigned a crucial responsibility by Mani Sharma garu during the recording of the song 'Yeh Mera Jahan' in 'Khushi'.  I wanted a Hindi-language song that can make the audience dance in the theatre.  And such a talent has composed the songs for 'CMR'.  Although I am this film's producer, I don't know the entire cast and crew.  I wish them all the best. I wish Krishna Chaitanya continues to write nice scripts.  And I wish Nithiin many more hits."

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