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Hero Rajasekhar Interview About Garudavega

Here is the interview of Hero Rajasekhar who is going to bounce back with Garuda Vega which is scheduled to release on November 3rd on this occasion we caught up with him for a brief  interview 

About Film Garudavega ?
Garudavega film will surely become super hit at the boxoffice we are very much confident about the budget and in my career Garuda Vega is the highest budget film director has done excellent job definitely audience will enjoy the film 

Tell us about your role in the film?
In the film i am doing an investigative officer with the NIA forces Pooja played as my wife in the film  i will be assigned to do one mission to know about that you have to watch the film  

As you said Garuda Vega is the highest budget film what made you to do with budget ?
Initially we planned to close the film with 7 crs budget later producer decided to do the film without any compromise as a result budget got increased and the story needs that i am sure this film is good and definitely today money will be recovered within no time

About Praveen Sattaru ?
I completely believed in Praveen Sattaru story he came in right time and offered me right film not like others who offered me a character artist roles i am happy to do the film . before starting the film i have my own doubts about praveen but all are shattered on the day 1 shoot he has done fantastic job as director 

About New things in Garudavega?
There are lot of new things in the film mainly my character will be quite new which i never played before my character will be so realistic when compare to my previous films  

What makes you sound very confident about 'Garuda Vega'?

I had always wanted to do films like 'Bourne Identity, 'Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon' in a way that would suit the Indian sensibilities.  But no producer came forward with such an offer for years.  I am lucky that Praveen Sattaru came up with 'GV'.

This has a gripping narration.  Rich visuals and an interesting screenplay make it a unique film for Telugu cinema.

What are you fighting for in the movie?

I am fighting for the country.  That's all I can say for now. 

Coming to the budget, what justifies the very high Rs. 25-30 Cr?

'GV' is my comeback movie.  Praveen came to me with this script.  He had called it 'Magadu-2' initially.  It was later titled 'Garuda Vega'.  The estimated budget was Rs. 7-8 Cr.  When I wondered as to who will invest such a huge amount, Jeevitha told me that this film has to be done.  My father's friend's son was interested in making a movie.  Initially, when my father told me about this, I thought he was saying it in order to console me during my bad days.  But when we met Koteswar Raju garu (producer) in Chennai, we knew he was ready to do a film with us. 

The same film could have been made in Hyderabad and such places.  But had it not been shot in Georgia, Malaysia and such places, it wouldn't have got so much of grandeur.  That's why the budget is totally rational. 

What makes this thriller different from other films?

It's very realistic.  Our director took this up after doing a thorough research.  When we spoke to NIA officers, they told us that the kind of set-up we had created is very close to how it is in real life.  Even their behaviour is similar to how I behave in the film.

How is the pre-release buzz?  We heard that in the US, about 80-100 premieres have already been planned.  

I would have been happy if the Teaser got even 1 million views.  But in the first five days, it got 5 million views.  It has so far got more than 7-8 million views.  The Trailer is a bigger hit.  Yesterday when I met Chiranjeevi garu, he told me that he and his team at his office had watched the trailer and talked about it!

Who all do you thank for the movie?

I thank my father, my producer, my director, and my wife.  This film is Jeevitha's gift to me.  She had always wanted me to do a film like this. 

Are you ready to play negative roles?

Yes.  Even if 'Garuda Vega' becomes a big hit, I will be ready.  I was looking to do roles like the one played by Arvind Swamy in 'Dhruva'.  I wanted to act with Chiranjeevi garu and Ram Charan.  It's always easy to play a villain.  A hero has to cry beautifully.  But a villain need not look handsome.  He can do anything by making his face dirty and yet he will be liked. 

You became very emotional at the pre-release event.  Why has your mother's death affected you so much?

I am feeling like a criminal.  I am guilty that I couldn't save my mother.  My mother complained about pain in the stomach on the day when she died.  I spent five minutes' of crucial time thinking about whether I should give her the same tablet that I had given her the previous day.  Had I administered her the same tablet on time, she might have been alive. 

Future Projects 

Few are in Pipeline i will let you know soon  . and I am okay to do any kind of film with any actor or director but the only thing is i should like my character in the film and it should be strong 

with that we wrapped our interview with hero sekhar Telugucinemas.in wishing hero Rajashekhar and team a very good luck 

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