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Nagarjuna Interview About RGG

 Nagarjuna is a good family entertainer with all the elements of 'Rajaragadi 2' Akkineni Nagarjuna, Samantha, Sreerakpur is the main cast of PVP Cinema, Mattney Entertainment, Oak Entertainments Pvt. Omkar is directing the film 'Rajagari room2`. The film will release on October 13th. Akkineni Nagarjuna told the media on this occasion Chaitanya and Samantha say it the same ... - October is very special to me. Chaitanya and Samantha were married on October 6th. Exhausting. They respect the tradition and get married in two ways. One can do it. Another can be suit (smiling). Usually you have a baby and you will tell me that I will marry. The marriage is just sitting by our family members and making it easy to get a reception grand. Especially because Arya Samaj is getting married, they mean every mantra and hymn. It is also understood why the seven feet will fall. I am married to Amala as well. I still remember what they said. Now, Chaitu and Samantha are not married to Arya Samaj but it is also said that the bride and the groom had said something to say, mantras and hymns to tell them their meanings. The wedding will be held in the presence of family members, friends and well-wishers on October 6 and 7. There will not be a hundred people for the wedding. The date has not yet been finalized. Then plan to plan. Delayed due to VFX .... - 'Rajagirigadi 2' completed. Very happy. I thought to see the film on September 1. But I have seen the film on 2 October due to film programs. One month delay, special effects. I said before dubbing it would be after watching the movie output. If the pressure is over, the film is done with a good output in the expected timing. The reason for this is that the unit has worked hard for the movie and also requires time management. EFX did very well. If the VFX is not correct, the viewer does not feel the horror film watching, can not connect to the film. The royal room room 2 has made impressions in Mumbai. Well done. If the film does not have VFX, the films will be completed soon. Now we're making 'hello' movie. The film did not get bigger with VFX. In new character ... - 'Rajagari room 2' movie is to see the movie together. Silly causes do not appear. This appears in the mentalist character. What is the human nature of my soul? It should be seen in the movie. New story. I agreed to do the cinematic concept. New dialogues, new character with new character. Inspiration from Malayalam cinema was taken. We've changed the story in our style. Ashwin, Vennela Kishore, Shakala Shankar's comedy track laughs very well. About Samantha Character - Samantha character is very good. The last 20 minutes will be the disconnect gripping between us. We have a good feeling when we come out and watch the movie, and the film has such a felicity. Rao Ramesh Kumar appears in Samantha's father role. Good characters are coming ... - Good good characters are coming up. Breathe, Sogdidi Chinni Nayana, now royal room 2 These good films and characters are coming up. I am very happy to be an actor. And everything is fine and I will do another good film with Nani. That's also my character superpower. About 'Holla' movie ... - Director Vikram Kumar said that he would complete the shooting on October 15th. Before the release of the film on December 22, we told the theaters. I am telephoning to Vikram in the morning and evening. I'm asking. Beautiful love story. The film comes out very well. Priyadarshini girl Kalyani will be introduced as Priyadarshini heroine. Priyadarshini made a film with me and decided. Recently he called me and said she was happy to introduce the girl as heroine. Movies from Annapurna Film School come ... - We did one of the script sections at Annapoorna Film School. We have some funding for this. Film School Student script is made. They are actors, directors and technical teams. We will build a movie from our studio. This process will start from next year. We bring quality factories for students. There are also guest lecturers. Amala also devotes her time to school. Lettest Technology To Know And Amala Ready To Act Again. Now it is a Bollywood movie. Chandu Murthy - I will surely make a film with Chandu Murthy. He is a big fan of me. I did not like him as a director rather than a director. Police Character Story said. I also heard the amphibian tale. Story line is great.

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