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Gruham Releasing on November 3rd

November 3rd release for Gruham

A joint collaboration of Viacom 18, Mohan Pictures and Etaki Entertainments, actor Siddharth’s upcoming film co-starring Andreah Jeremiah, Gruham is ready for release. The horror flick, which sees Siddharth in a Telugu film after really long is set to release on November 3. And a press meet for the film was organised on Monday in Hyderabad. Siddharth was joined by actor Nani who was the evening’s chief guest, S.S. Thaman, the film’s music director Girish and director Milind Rau were spotted at the event where the trailer was released.

Speaking in this occasion, Siddharth said, “I love the horror genre. I love how these films don’t require a hero because the fear factor is itself the hero of the film. With a desire to come up with something new, we put in a lot of effort into the film. It’s not easy to do a horror flick. We showed the film to over 200 friends and tried to understand and rectify errors. You can imagine the work that went into it considering nearly four and a half years went into it. Girish has given great music and amazing background score. Milind and I love Ram Gopal Varma’s films. Him being the godfather of horror films, we loved Dhayyam and Bhoot. No other films have been able to reach that level. We hope our film will manage to do so. The kind of response that the ‘Mottam meere chesaru’ dialogue from Bommarillu got, I feel that will repeat with the film. The audiences will be thrilled with the film. Fear has no language and that’s why we are releasing this in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. The Telugu industry always gave me a warm welcome. And so, a Telugu film might be a bit delayed but I won’t miss a chance to release a film here.”

Nani shared, “I was in Warangal shooting for MCA when I saw the trailer of a Tamil film called Aval and got really scared. Then two days later, Siddu sent the Telugu version of the same trailer to me. Milind has done an amazing job. It has been a long time since India has witnessed such a horror movie and I think it will leave a mark. After Dhayyam and Conjuring, a film that really scared me is Gruham. The film will be a sure shot hit.”
Director Milind Rau shared, “Siddharth and I joined Mani Ratnam sir as assistants at around the same time. Ours is a friendship of 16 years. I love the horror genre and always wanted to make a different film in that arena. And that’s why I toiled for 4 and a half years to come up with the script. We have tried to bring is several thrilling moments that the audience would never have seen before. The Telugu audience has always encouraged new directors. I hope I get a similar reception.”

S.S. Thaman shared, “Siddharth and I know each other since the time we co-starred in Boys and both of us have really come a long way since. His love for films is immense and that’s why he has had the rare opportunity to have co-started with several renowned actors in the country.” He added, “Girish has given good music. It’s not easy to scare people and doing so using music is a tough job and I think he has aced it. He will get a good recognition after the film and I hope it’s a hit.”

Music director Girish shared that he is excited to make his debut in Telugu. He shares, “Rahman garu has written great lyrics. I noticed how it has come out better than in Tamil. Milind gave me lot of freedom which pushed me to give my best.”

 'Lodge' release on November 3 Siddharth, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Aatti Entertainment Banners, Siddharth and Andrea is a horror movie 'House'. Milind Rao is the director. The film will release on November 3rd. A press conference was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Hero Nani, Siddharth, Taman SS, Director Milind Rao, Music Director Girish and others participated in this event. The trailer was showcased at this event. Natural Star Nani was the chief guest of the event. On this occasion ...  Hero Siddharth said: '' I like the horror john films. Hero does not need heroes for horror films. Elimane Hero of Fear We are going to work on this film with the idea of ​​doing something new. Horror movies are not normal. Show the film to two hundred friends and where would the audience get scared? Where are you afraid? We looked at the scenes and made it look like the film. We have been working on the script for four and a half years and we have to understand the difficulty. Girish provided a very good music and a score score. For me, Millyadari is very fond of Ramgopal Varma. He did not get any films after the ghost of the Godfather of horror films, after the ghost and Bhoot movies. I think we will get our movie. The response to the dialog that you made in Bommarillu has made a good response and tomorrow is also a response to this film. A doctor goes to Himachal Pradesh with his wife. There is another family in the pocket. The film is the main story of a movie that causes problems. The audience will be thrilled by the movie. The audience will enjoy the movie better than they expected. Since the language is not a language, the film is being released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Telugu Industry has greatly appreciated me as a hero. It may be late for films in Telugu but I'm not going to miss it. "  Natural star Nani said, "I was in Warangal shooting the MCA film and I was scared of the Tamil movie trailer of Aval. Two days later, Siddhu sent me a Telugu version of the same movie. Milind's film was astonishingly. This movie has come a long way in India. Number One horror movie becomes. Is in the Hollywood Range. Ramgopalvarma Stile is being shot in this film. This is the film that created me fear in the range after ghost and kanjing films. The film is hit by Hundred Persent. The film will be released on November 3rd. Film director Milind Rao said, "I and Siddharth Maniratnagari were once assistant directors. Ours is a 16 year old friendship. I like horror jonor. Let's make a different movie. Every Seen is awesome. The thrill of the movie is not yet seen in the movie. Telugu viewers have enjoyed a lot of new directors. I want to be happy as well. "  S.SDaman said, "I'm working with Siddhartha in the boys' film. The friendship between the two is about 16 years old. Siddharth is a hero who has proved himself to be a hero. I have also become a music director. Siddhartha is mad for movies. He has read the MBA and has been able to make money in the films, not all of them as an assistant director in films. The country's most celebrated actors starred Aamir Khan, along with many people. I made music to Zabardath's film. Music director Girish gave me a great deal of music. Intimidation is not a common issue. Music is not a simple thing to do. After the release of this Isinima, the music director is especially good. I want the film to be a big hit, "he said. Music director Girish said, "The first thing I have done is music in Telugu. The songs are very good. The background score was awesome. Rehman gave good literature. Telugu literature is better than Tamil. It will be the number one horror movie in India. Hollywood range will be cinematic. Milind Rao has given me a lot of freedom and music with me. "

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