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Anaganaga Oka Durga Pre Release Event

 A Durga Pre-Release Program ...  Gadampalli Ravinder Reddy (USA) is a film produced by SS Arts Productions. Rambabu Nayak and Anjali Yadav are the producers of the movie. The film is ready for release on 27th of this month. Vijay Balaji composed music and a dagger songs were successful with the audience. The pre-release program was held at Hyderabad Prasad Labs along with the audio audio recording of the film. Directors N Shankar and Vine Aditya were present at the function.  Speaking on the occasion, Priyanka Naidu said: "We are listening to the news that violence against women is coming. But how to deal with these events is not known how to deal with it. Directors have shown a solution to our problems in our film. If women come to trouble, someone will come and save .. But they say that they should fight for the sake of a durga movie intention. Thanks to the directors and producers who gave me such a strong role with confidence in me. Said.  Director Prakash Pulijala said ... We are confident about our film from the beginning. Our film will always be great. But the rest is true when the others say it. Many of the industry and political celebrities, including Naga Shankar, have seen a Durga Premier Show and directors. They praised all of them for good film. Then we thought our effort was successful. We thought we were morally successful with their words. The songs are a great force for this film. We hope to get an award for a song with playbacks in particular.  The film presenters Gadampalli Ravinder Reddy said ... augmented a picture of a durga as a duty. I believe that the film is not a game song but a believer that affects society. Over a hundred films released annually can be counted on the fingers. Our film is a film that tells the audience that it is good to impress. On 27th of this month, we are bringing the film up. Said.  Producer Rambabu Nayak said, "I am proud to be the big film of our film budgets and the big film. From a small village, I became a producer and I was very much interested in art. Satisfaction of a good film is going to be forever in me. Said.  Directors N Shankar said ... I saw a durga portrait of Anagana. The events that are taking place in the society are shown to be eyesighted. There is a story, there are commercial items. Priyanka Naidu, who played the lead role in the lead role As a village girl playing games, pranks .... When the context came, Rowdron showed her a conflict. Priyanka believes that she is going to be a good actress. Said.  Director Vine Aditya said, "I read an article in the magazine Outlook a year ago. I wrote a story that inspired me to read it. I tried to make a good heroine like Nayanatara. But that story did not come up. When I heard about a dagger, I thought the story, the background of this film was the same. This is the movie that is for society right now. This is the storyline that the viewers should look at. Said.  Actors Kali Charan Sanjay and music directors Vijay Balaji participated in the event

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