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Srinivas Kollipara Take on Spyder

Year 2008 it was when Hollywood was shaken by one man’s brilliant action and another man’s brilliant writing of character. Every major critic, reviewer and mainly audience were all in same line after long time about the fate of a movie i.e. its brilliant. The movie was Christopher Nolan’s and “Joker” aka Heath Ledger’s “The Dark Knight”.
Every one of you might have observed that in the above description of the movie I didn’t take the name of its hero “Batman” aka Christian Bale, because it was the movie where Christian Bale didn’t play the role of hero in the movie, he was just an actor like all others in the movie. Everyone in the world including young generation in India remembers the movie as classic still now. No one has questioned why Christian Bale was there in the movie when he is not portrayed as a super hero in the movie. Not even one I know raised the question.
Year 2017 it is, a ‘Super star’ agreed for a role which needs just an actor in him where the rest will be taken care of the protagonist and the director of the movie. The super star here is Mahesh babu, the protagonist I was in awe of is Mr. S J Surya, director of movie being Mr. A R Murugadoss and movie being “SPYder”.
It took almost 10 years for Telugu film makers to be out of stereo type stories raving about hero of the movies being ever stronger than villain of the same and to dare to make a movie of Hollywood’s thinking standards, where every “Super star” is first an “Actor” and then a “Star”.
SPYder is a thrilling movie experience in its own way. Where Super star Mahesh babu gave his heart out and performed the role of a common man turned SPY who mentions himself in the movie that he is not a super man and he is not there to change the society in any way. He just does the work of SPY for his personal satisfaction of doing good to society like much likable “Batman” out there in “Gotham” city.
SPYder can be confidently and unarguably compared to “The Dark Knight” movie just because of extraordinary performance by Mr. S J Surya, creative director turned critically acclaimed actor in current generation. No other actor can get into our mind to replace him in the role of villain in SPYder after seeing the movie, such brilliant he was out there as an actor.
Pan India director A R Murugadoss has nothing to prove about himself in the Indian film industry, he is one of those directors who can handle stories with serious social issues with ultra stylish taking and grabbing attention of any language audience. SPYder can be credited to one of his best written story and taking so far. The way he had written few episodes of the movie which involve intelligence makes us have that ‘WOW’ factor in the theater itself. As he had mentioned in many of his interviews that he had waited 10 years for making movie with Mahesh babu, he made sure that no stone is unturned, right form the story, stylish taking, villain character, background score and finally must to mention the choice of picking the child artist whose performance will leave audience haunting even after they leave theater.
Saying all the above, Telugu film Industry is booming with new age films in recent years and Telugu audience are ever hungry for new stuff in films. If a maker is having a new thought for a story and he can deliver stuff in a stylish and engaging way, Telugu audience never disappointed those movies either they are big budget/big star or small budget movies. Starting from “Eega”, “Baahubali 1”, “Srimanthudu”, “Dhruva”, “Ekkadiki Pothav Chinnavaada”, “Naannaku Prematho”, “Malli malli eedi rani roju”, “Surya’s 24”, “Baahubali 2”, recent most loved two movies “Fidaa”, “Arjun Reddy” and many more to mention. Now its turn of “SPYder” which have that new age content and storytelling in it joins the league of good films in Telugu film industry.
Gone are those days where few comedy scenes, senseless fights and songs appeal the Telugu cinema and its audience. Now it’s the age of “SPYder” kind of movies where story and concept of the film is first and then the star who pulls the audience to the theater.
Super star Mahesh babu have always have his mark in encouraging story oriented films in his career and had delivered blockbusters with all those films. “SPYder” will be one of his best choices he made and the movie and his character will be remembered by audience as the “Batman” in the movie “The Dark Knight”.
- Srinivas Kollipara

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