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'Garuda Vega' Teaser unveiled

'Garuda Vega' Teaser unveiled to rousing reception

The teaser of 'Garuda Vega' was released in the presence of the film's main cast and crew members, at Prasad Labs, on Friday.  

Jeevitha Rajasekhar, who has traveled with the project right since it her husband got on board, introduced all the film's team to the media.  

Varadarajan, Rajasekhar's father, said, "They used to say that I look like an ideal DCP.  After my son made it as a hero, they started calling me 'Rajsekhar's father'.  I am proud of him."  

Producer Ambika Krishna said, "In my opinion, Rajasekhar is the only artiste who could become a hero.  He is a powerful and talented performer.  Be it his body language or facial expressions, he comes across as a 100 percent artiste.  Be it as a cop or a chained victim in 'Seshu', he is versatile and kills it, whatever may be the role.  Like many, he has had his share of highs and lows.  He is a good person.  I wish that 'GV' not only makes money but also brings happiness."

Producer Raj Kandukuri said, "The title itself is very vibrant.  Rajasekhar's children are like mine.  Coming to Jeevitha, she has been very dedicated throughout.  Even while making coffee in the kitchen, she would think and talk only about this movie.  When we saw films like 'Ankusham', we all felt this is how an honest man should be like.  I appreciate the producers.  'Garuda Vega' is like a Hollywood flick."  

Praveen Sattaru said, "We worked really hard and you can see that in the Teaser.  I thank my entire direction department, without whom it would have been impossible to make a movie of this scale.  A strong direction team is a must.  This is a large-scale script.  We are missing larger-than-life movies of the kind we used to see in the pre-2000s era.  We are only seeing comedies that are shot in a house or two.  We are no longer getting those 70 MM experiences.  I wanted to do such a movie with Rajasekhar garu.  Although 'Gorintaku' was a big hit, I told him that I would like to do something larger-than-life like a 'Magadu'.  And here we are with the final product."  

Rajasekhar said, "Even though I had been wanting to meet the press, I couldn't do it because of my pre-occupation with the film.  I love to talk with the media to heart's content.  I wanted to tell a lot today.  Recently, my daughter's friend watched the Teaser and told her that I shouldn't say anything as the Teaser speaks for itself.  I have had failures in a row.  There has also been a lot of gap since my last movie.  Some reports have said that I would be playing a villain or a character artiste in some movies.  I too thought that, maybe, I should do that because they think I am ageing.  I had listened to at least 30-40 subjects.  None of them inspired me but for Praveen Sattaru's script.  This is the kind of subject I wanted to do 15 years ago.  I would tell my producers that we should do something Hollywoodian.  None of them came forward.  When Praveen gave me this script, I wondered how it will be executed.  My wife and children were equally excited about the story.  We had to find a good producer.  It's when my father's friend, who always wanted to work with me, came to my mind.  My father was always telling me to consider the option of working with him.  I wouldn't take it that seriously.  But when Jeevitha suggested the name once again, I wanted to go in for Koteswara Raju garu.  Initially, we thought that the budget will not be more than Rs. 5-6 Cr.  But as the film progressed, so did the costs.  Despite it costing something like Rs. 25 Cr, the producer was ready to invest that much.  All credit to them."

The actor further said that neither he nor his wife interferes with the director's work.  "If Praveen is the director, where is the need to interfere?  They say that building a home and completing a marriage is very difficult.  They should add making a film to the list.  This film is like a marriage in our family," Rajasekhar said.

Pooja Kumar, the film's heroine, said, "When Praveen narrated the story to me, I found it quite innovative and edgy.  I immediately told him I am on board.  I am happy to have done a Telugu movie."  

Adith Eeswaran said, "Previously, after completing a movie, I would wonder as to what to do next.  For the first time, I am thinking as to what I should do after this film becomes a hit.  This is not over-confidence."  

Ravi Varma said, "It was in 2016 that I signed up this film.  So, the year will be the most important one for me.  I enjoyed working with Praveen every single day."  

Actor Charan said, "I have grown up watching Rajasekhar garu's movies.  I was always approached for negative roles.  For this movie, I was approached for a positive role, thanks to Shivani and Shivatmika (Rajasekhar's daughters).  They say Rajasekhar garu is an angry man.  He is anything but that."  

Producer Koteswara Raju said, "I and my wife come from a corporate background.  And we always seek to implement the best practices from that world.  We didn't spend on this movie without a proper plan in place.  Everything was by design.  I had watched 'Magadu' movie in a tent in my village.  Since then, I have liked Rajasekhar.  His father is like God to us.  We reposed complete faith in the director.  Whatever may be the difficulty, he delivers the goods.  We gave him whatever he needed."

Hema, Raju's wife and the other producer, said, "I have always been a fan of Rajasekhar garu since the days of 'Ankusham'.  Whenever I see an angry face, I am reminded of him.  He is a courageous man.  We thank the financiers for supporting us throughout.  Jeevitha garu is like a motherly figure.  The couple is very pure-hearted."

Music directors Sricharan Pakarla and Bheems expressed their happiness for being part of the film.  Anji, the cinematographer, thanked the producers for the opportunity.  Art director Srikanth described it as an excellent script.  Editor Dharmendra praised the script.  

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