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Shekar Master Interview About Vaishakam

  Jayagari 'Vaishakham' is all about the songs I am very satisfied with - Dance Master Shekhar VJ He was very happy to work with 'Vaishakham' with director like Sekhar Master Heroine is the heroine of the heroine. Director of Dynamic Lady on Cinemas Banner Jaya B. Love and Family Entertainer 'Vaishakham' produced by B Raju, the producer of hit films. D.J. Vasanth's music has been released and the audio was recently released and the super hit hit. 'Bhanumati .. Bhanumati', 'Kamman Country Chilaka ..', 'Prathastaina ..', Vaishakham title song .. All songs are superhit. This movie posters and trailer is coming up with a trimandas response. The 'Vaishakham' theme in social media has been the trendsetter by crossing 31 lakh 50 thousand views. Interview with Choreographer Shekhar Master on this occasion ... Background ... - Madi Vijayawada came to Hyderabad in 1996. I worked as a assistant at Rakesh Master. Nine years ago she became a choreographer. Since then, I have been able to dance for 400-500 songs. I have done choreography for more than a year. This is true in the SDS movie made by Sudhir Babu. Banni gave me the chance to choreography of the title song in the film 'Julayi'. Baadshah then worked for many movies. All the films have a good reputation. I made choreography for two songs in Chiranjeevi Giri 150th. Recently, Danny Duvvada Jagannatham made her Bunny's debut as a heroine in the movie Citadel. I also made Pakka Local Song in Janata Garage. Awards .... - Bunny made the first film award for the Top Lechipopadhi .. Chang. Later, Mega Meter in Bruce's film, won the Filmfare Award. I was awarded the Filmfare Award for the third time in the Janata Garijase Apple Beauty. Julayi's film got the Simona Award. I am still working with Jayagiri ... - Director Jayagari has long wanted to work near but can not do it. Director with good music sense. Now, 'Vaishakham' has got the chance to work. I have done dance choreography for all the songs in this film. Each song is different. New done well .. - So far we have not seen any film shooting in Kajicistan, 'Vaishakham' songs. We have composed three songs: Bhanumati .., Kaman Kaman Kathaku Chilaka .., Come Do not Come. The heroine's dance in minus five degrees cool is a great thing. Harish and Avanikar are some of the most dancing dancers. Reasons are better done than just because of the fact that they have done well. Jayagara is nowhere to be compromised ... - Jayam Madamma was not compromised anywhere in the making. How many dancers you have? I told you all about what kind of facilities I want to do. In Kazikistan, the best dancer was auditioned and shooting with them. Making a film is not a small movie somewhere. I liked each song. There was no trouble. Although I'm compromised, the conqueror is uncompromised. I have complete freedom. Working with the directors like Jayagari was very satisfying. Music is good in Jayagiri cinemas. That's why I wanted to work in these films. I contacted her for Love. But then it can not. Awareness increased - In comparison with dance now, awareness about dance has increased. Competition has also increased. To compete with this competition, you have to practice well. He did not give advice ... - Chiranjeevi has been raised on screen since childhood. Now it is a great thing to have him dancing compose. Out of the movie, 'Me Me Mimmy' made the song. Later, 'Let's Do Let It Down' song. He did not advise you to tell me if he was going to do the same thing as you did when composing dance. After watching Chiranjeevi and Charan's Step Step, I was very happy. Next Images ... - Now I am doing Rancharan 'Rangazhalam 1985' with NTR 'Jai Lovakusha'.

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