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Nani Interview About Ninnu Kori

 Emotionally Love is the emotional love that everyone loves - Natural Star Nani Natural star Nani as hero is DVV. Entries of LLP, Kona Film Corporation, Shiva Nirvana, directed by Dhanaya DVV. Produced by 'Ninnukori'. The film is going to be released worldwide on July 7. In this background, the hero interview with Nani. What do you want with the film 'Ninnukori'? - We want all of you to like this movie. It is basically lovestory. Recently, we've been somewhat disconnected with emotional elements. We have a lot of options and we are looking at two minutes of emotional scenes to see the phone. Completely we are engaging in the engagement films. This is the movie that came in such a time. When I heard the story, I felt emotionally uncomfortable. When we hear the story as a general, we think that it will take time to intervene. It may be due to boredom, for some reason. But when I hear the story of 'Ninnukori' I do not feel like that. Imagine the storytelling listening to the story. How I feel when I am listening to the movie is that the viewers felt that the movie would be a very good movie if it sounds like the story. After the film completes you will be coming forward with the same passion. Reason for regularly LOSTROVILLE? - Not for my films, but for any movie you will have in LoveStory. Lovestory is also present in the films like Swathi Vitya and Sagara Sangam. I do not like this love story so far when it comes to 'Ninnukori'. This is a completely new movie. The next thing I'm doing is 'love' in the MCA. But it is not a love story. What's your favorite thing in the story of 'Ninnukori'? - Life seems to have come out of life as soon as any small proportion. Someone tried to say good things .. no. My life is running out. We will see something in the negative Thinking. Life is not so small that it is a small problem. Once we live life we ​​will surprise many of us. The final line in this film is also said. 'Life lays bolts on us, let's give a chance to life.' This line is entirely clear what we should do with this line. Who's the idea to take the initiative? - When the story was originally intended, it was nice to know who would be with the character who worked with me. Earlier he immediately agreed. Reporta is also the first choice for us. No one else can see this character except her.        About the producer danayya? - Dannyayagam has produced many big commercial films as producer. When the script was brought to me, the producer would say that he was donated. He said that he liked the story. FASTTIME is in our Future Safe hands. After the cinematic start, they were shooting for some time. The shooting was well done. Director has given full freedom to all. There is no chance of viewing the movie yet. She will be seen in the theater together with her family. He believes in this film. Looking for Kona Venkat? - Our Co Producer Kona Venkat is our US. He looked all over the trip. Supported by the local team there. At first, when I was talking with Rekhva, they also joined us as a member. The film is very comfortable and has some support for Konagar. What do you think of the response to the audio? - Very happy. Gopi Sundar Ghari is a big asset for music. The film 'Promo Aska' which was originally released as part of the film promotion is about 10 million views. The rest of the songs are also made by Hunt. The background score was also very extraordinary. Your Next Projects? - MCA shooting is under way. Merlapaka Gandhi film will be launched in August. 'Ninnkokari' will release the title and other details in the week of release. It's going to be a movie in the next Year Military Military Backpack. Natural star Nani concluded by interviewing that positime was going to be in that junior.

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