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Green Card Movie Release Date Fixed

 The 'green card' for the audience coming up on August 4th  Master Devan's submission is directed by Srinivas Gupta (USA), directed by Shatrughan Rayapati (USA), Stephanie (USA) and Josef (USA). A), Mohan R. (USA), Narasimha, Nagasrini Reddy is producing the film 'Green Card'. The movie will be released on August 4th after completing all the works. At a media briefing held in Hyderabad on Wednesday morning  Senior actor Chalapathi Rao said "Ninth percent of this Green Card movie has been filmed in America. With the concept of how many people who go to America from here can get the greencard for the rams. This is a movie that gives a new feeling to Telugu audiences. The sadness that comes in America shows the eyes of the eyes. As well as youthful impressions are highlights. There is a belief that the film will be a big hit. "  Director Rums said "90 percent of the film was shot in America. How is Life in America How would the wife be? We are going to show many things that are not even in America. The story is going to be a lot of fun.  Similarly, NR from America to India Rums made interesting comments about the icy conditions. It is here that the NRIs from India come from America, which is well-earned. Very few people know where to go nana. There I am also pizzas. This is where V can not care. But there are more problems going on than there are suffering. We want the Chief Ministers to notice these issues. We hope to vote for the NRI here, "he said. The program was distributed by MGM distributor Babu and others.  Sharaphana Rayapati (USA), Stephanie (USA), Joselin (USA), Rebecca (USA), Milli (USA), Sweeten (U. (USA), Honey Prince, Pranayakumar, Camera Naveen (USA), Nagasrini Reddy, Editing Mohan, Rama Rao, producers Srinivas Gupta (USA) , Mohan.R (USA), Narasimha, Nagas Rinivasareddi, darsakatvamh Rumsey (USA).

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