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Green Card Movie Pre Release Event

 'Green Card' pre-release ceremony Master Devan's submission is directed by Srinivas Gupta (USA), directed by Shatrughan Rayapati (USA), Stephanie (USA) and Josef (USA). A), Mohan R. (USA), Narasimha, Nagasrini Reddy is producing the film 'Green Card'. On August 4th, the movie will be released on all works. The pre-release ceremony was held on Monday evening in Hyderabad. Also on the same stage NRI MAA MOVIE ARTIST`S ASSOCIATION LOGO, and www.nrimaa.com. Subsequently, film director Rums said, "We have to do movies for Telugu people in America. But the right platform ... is not aware of the prospects. Many are suffering from this. This website has been launched to provide such information. This site is an all-energetic site for all the environs that are fashionable on movies. This site provides information for the cast and crew of the filmmakers. More than 300 people have already joined the NTR Movie Artist Association. Anyone interested can contact us to find out the details on the site. We will try to get opportunities through the NR Movie Artist Association. " Speaking about the film, "90 percent of the film was shot in America. How is Life in America How would the wife be? We are going to show many things that are not even in America. The story is going to be a lot of fun. Actor Chalapathi Rao said, "The rum is good with the concept of how many people who go to America from here can get the green card. This is a movie that gives a new feeling to Telugu audiences. The sadness that comes in America shows the eyes of the eyes. Particularly in gun culture in America. This is a movie that will be viewed by all sections of the audience. There is a belief that the film will be a big hit. " Executive producer Narasimha said, "All of the producers are in the United States and I have all these responsibilities. The film got better. That's a good role. Chalapathi Rao is characterized as a character highlight. He has done a lot for this film, "he said. DMK distributor Babu Babu said, "We are very happy to release a green card picture through our company. We are releasing the film in 80 theaters throughout the world. Mathews and Angelina, NRI couple said, "Thousands of orphaned children have been told that they have been educated. All of them are now in high positions. More people want to come forward to make such programs. And the green card cinema got better. The rumas are fine with Indians that are in trouble in America. " Sharaphana Rayapati (USA), Stephanie (USA), Joselin (USA), Rebecca (USA), Milli (USA), Sweeten (U. (USA), Honey Prince, Pranayakumar, Camera Naveen (USA), Nagasrini Reddy, Editing Mohan, Rama Rao, producers Srinivas Gupta (USA) , Mohan.R (USA), Narasimha, Nagasrini Reddy, directed by Rams (UASA .A).

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