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Marakathamani Songs launch

 Adi Pinsheet starring Edwinchara Thriller Mankatamani Audio Launch  Rishi Media and Shri Chakra Innovations are jointly produced by A.R.K Sharavanan, directed by Adi Pinneeti and Nikki Garlini as hero heroines Rishi Media, Sri Chakra Innovations banners. The audio release of the film was released in Hyderabad on Saturday. Heroes Nani, Allari Naresh, Kishore Thirumala, Kalyan Krishna, Sankalp, Ravikanth Parepu, Tanikalabharani, Kona Venkat, Aadi Pinishetty and Nikki Garlani participated in the program. Hero Nani has released audio CDs. First on this occasion ..  Praise for Darsari Narayan Rao  Prior to the audio program .. Recently in the Telugu film industry, I think everyone's problems are my problem and never lost sleep until the problem is resolved. He paid tribute to Dasari Narayana Rao, who donated a place in Telugu wadi holidays. He was silent for a minute to silence the soul.   Kona Venkat said - "There is a man who is a great member of the family member who is in the shortest time of all the time. Also his script selections are superb. The story of the Karakathani movie is also a good concept based on the changing trend. All the best for all actors and technicians who worked in the film.  Sankalp said - "Concept movies have become a good trend. All the best for Saravanan who created the concept of different concept. Kangrats for all ".  Tanikelabharani said, '' Tailorant and a good man Ravi Raja pinsettittaru. All of his good qualities came into existence. From the first, Aadi differs from the concept of Concept movies. The stardom mani cinema wants me a big hit, "he said.  Ravikant Pareep said, '' Among the people who are enraged me from the front are one of them. I want him to make a big hit with the hero, "he said.  Kishore Tirumala said - "There is good music. Good cinematography is seen. All the best for the Entire Team.  Allari Naresh said, "I know the nineteen for nine years. Trying to see how new actors try to make the film now reach this level. I want him to grow to a better level.  ARK Saravanan said, "There is not much for Indian cinema who do not like Bollywood. Hatsof to Tollywood, which proved that Tollywood is still a very big industry. The story of the mukatamani movie was created with the Universal Point and the film was made in Telugu itself. Support has been provided. Thank you all ".  Hero Nani said, "Dasavadurai is not between us today. Cinema is the dream of a director rather than a heroine. If the heroes are part of his dream, then the dream is real. Music is very good when it comes to stain. The trailer is good. I want the film to be a big hit, "he said.  Music Director Dibu Ninan Thomas said, "My first Malayalam film as music director. There are five songs in the film. Each song is different. Thanks to all those who helped me in this film. Saravananagar, producers gave me the full freedom and got the output, "he said.  Ravi Raja Pinyshetti said: "This young generation is looking at the heroes as the gelasi. Everyone is absorbed without reservations. We want to get married soon. The film is a big hit and the director producers want good name and money, "he said.  Adi Pinyshetti said - '' Cinema script based movie. One of the five characters is battling and running. Hero in Sciplie Cinema So far I've done serious characters. It is the first comedy film I have played. This story is different from director Saravanan's idea. Dibu Thomas is dead in the movie with his tunes and background, "he said.

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