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DJ Will become hattrick film to AlluArjun in SVC

 'Dhe Duvvada Jagannatham' Bunny is a hat trick movie in our company - Dilraju  Director Harish Shankar's directorial venture as 'Stylish Star Allu Arjun Hero' and 'Gabbar Singh' hit by hat trick hits with successive block buster films like 'Raghuram Tharam', 'Sanjay Satyam Murthi', 'Right' and Haritha Shankar's directorial debut, Mrs. Anita's hit on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner Dil Raju is the producer of the film M. The film is being released on Eid on June 23. The theatrical trailer was released on Monday at Hyderabad Prasadlabs. The event will feature Thrinathrao Nakkina, Venu Sriram, Saikiran Adivi, Bommarillu Bhaskar, Dasarath, Vasu Varma, Anil Ravapudi, Radhamohan, Srivas, Satish Vageshana, Sekhar Kammula, Srikanth Addala, Vamsi Paidipally, Boeyati Srinu, S. Harish Shankar, VV Vinayak , Dilraju, Sirish and others launched the theatrical trailer. Do not forget the 14 year old Journey  'Dil, Arya, Bommarillu, Running, New Bangaru Lokyam' is a big moment for us. This movie. Our company will definitely be a hat-trick. Movie Success, no one has any connection with Failure. Harish seems to have had three films. We will soon announce another film. In our banner you can do 50 films but not 100 films, do not know the cao. I do not even direct my life. Because I select a script and say it is good, I say bad. But I'm afraid if the director is the harder to dine at night to make a film. I'm not so difficult. Our banner can not forget the 14 year old Journey. Thanks to the heroes and technicians who worked in this organization,   Producer Dil Raju who believes in the story after Ramanaidu Sensational director VV Vinayak said, "This banner has been made for 14 years. I have to do Dil cinema yesterday. But it was a joy to know that it was fourteen years ago. The celebration is that the souls of all have fun together. Harish Energi I like it very much. He is daring, fast. Banny is just as energetic. This is a movie they both worked together. When Harish's two and three scenes told me about the prison number 150, I said it was gone. The story is very good. I told the king that the movie would be a big hit. The trailer is an extraordinary ... torn. I do not think specifically about Devisri music. Ramanaidu believed in the story and believed in the story. Dilraju is making films with that policy now. This company is still developing, "he said.          Bunny was out of my best to get the output Harish Shankar, chint director, said, "We usually worship the Lord Ganesha when we start our work. And if I have any problem in the industry, I will go to Vinayakari. I am an elderly disciple of him. When Binny told a 20 minute point before the king, the king would soon hurish Harish. The king thinks more than the director. It is generally said that the directors are from the heroes that they want to get it. But the first time Bunny was the director of the director himself who got me from me. Not me, but best of all. Thanks to him ".  Dilraju Guru guide books for any director Boyapati Srinu said, "Dilraju is the reason for the director to stand on the stage. I made my first film with Bunny. But for some reason he did not make the film, he introduced me to Dilraju. I was the director of such a hero and producer. Do not forget a good one. Dilrajjaru is a guide book for any director. There was a good convention. He will do a hundred films, how much he will do, but every film he has to do. Producers like Dilraju are rare. When the film comes to the trailer, the trailer is very good. I want to do good films and Dilraj to do much. "  Dilraju is the producer who has earned the respect of films Vamsi Paidipally said, '' This banner is my parent. Not me but the company that gave birth to many directors. These are my family members. The film can be earned by the name but can be earned by somebody. Dilraju was one of them. Harish is a good friend to me. Both of the careers started to fall on the same level. I liked his conviction. He speaks openly. He is standing up for what he believes. Stay tuned. It goes. This is the movie which is doing the right thing after bold. The film will be a big hit, "he said.  "The vibrations came to me as soon as I saw my name as the director in this banner," said Trinathrao Nakkina. This banner is directed by the director directing the films in the banner of 25th film trailer release. I am very happy to be part of them. I thought the sound would be connected to the mass range when the title was heard. I have more responses than I thought. This movie is the audience of all sections

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