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Avanthika Audio Launched

 Rama Sathyanarayana is a big producer with the film 'Avantika' - Coniamese Rachayya in audio function Produced by prominent producer Thummalapalli Ramasanthanarayana on Bheemavaram Talkies Banner. Horror comedy entertainer 'Avantika' created by Sriraj Bala is the main character in the film 'Yes'. Worldwide is going to release on most theaters on June 16th. The graphics in the film will be entertaining for 35 minutes. The graphics are important in the lines of 'Arundhati' and 'Rajagari Chari'. The audio launch of the film was held at Hyderabad Prasad Lab on June 4. The chief guest of the event is former Chief Minister, former Tamil Nadu Governor K Rosaiah, senior directors Rayangi Narasimha Rao, Dhavala Satyam, 'Rarandoy' Fame Kalyan Krishna, Bobji, Suryakiran, producers KVVSatyanarayana, Shobhana, Kodali Venkateswara Rao, AP The Arya Vishwavi Sangham President Kondi Mallikarjuna Rao, actor Sivareddy, film music director Ravi Raja Balala, audio Condimi Rosiiah invented the seed and gave the first seed to Dhawala Satya. Speaking on this occasion, Koniyati Rasiah said, "It is very happy that the 90th film of our Tummelapalli Ramasanthanarayana is produced by Avanika. The movie needs success. Actors who have acted in this movie, and my compliments for Technicians. There is a lot of trouble going to get a movie. That is what Ramasanthanarayana 90 films are doing, he is very happy that he is doing well and without making it difficult to keep the budget in control. The songs are good. There is a belief that the film will be a big hit if you watch the graphics in the film. Rama Sanyanarayana is a big producer with this film. Producer Ramsanthanarayana said, "I do not want to make a film if you want to be successful. I can only pay money for the film budget. But victory is in the hands of the director. The director of the film is our best film in the budget of the planned time. The film is very good. All the rest of the technicians have been very supportive of Sriraj for the film. I do not say I've made crores to this movie but I can say that the coats will be collected. Because I made small films, but I never made films that annoyed anyone. I have made 90 movies. Whether they were successful or not, I made films in my budget. That's why the film industry was able to stay. Our Guru, Dakarakatna, Dr. We have opened this film through Dasari Narayana Rao's hands. Even if he is not between us physically, he will have blessings. I dedicate this film to our guru. We are releasing most of the theaters across the world on 16th of this month and in Telugu. Apart from us, our baiers are also very confident about the film. The film is a big hit and brings us a better name for our banner. " Film director Sriraj Bada said, "I am grateful to Thammalapalli Rama Sathyanarayana, the head of the Bheemavaram Talkies, who is allowing me to get some new technicians rather than me. He told me the same thing. If the film is hit, you will get another 10 films. Otherwise, we have to do some work. That's why I got ten months for the film to be made in two months. I am enthusiastic to come up with Ramasanthanarayana's film. The film got better. Horror comedy thriller movie. The film's role in the film is full of thrillers. Dhanraj, Shakalakshan Shankar, Ajay Ghosh and Shayaji Shinde are the other heroines of the film. Thanks to Rama Sathyanarayana who gave me the opportunity. " The film is starring Sampath, Mallika, Satyapriya, Vijayakumar, Sai Venkat, Raviraj Bala, Giridhar, Siva, Swamy. Camera: Karna Parayasani, Ramesh, Dialogues: Kranthi Saina, Songs: Bharti Babu, Sriram, Music: Ravi Raj Bala, Re-recording: Pradyutan, Editing: Shiva y Prasad, Someshwar Pocham, Satish Ramdy, Graphics: Chandu Adi Producer: Thummalapalli Ramasanthanarayana, Story, screenplay, direction: Sriraj Bala

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