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Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam Success Meet

 'Randhoya Celebration Let's Watch' is a big thank you to the Audience of Thanksgiving - King Nagarjuna Annapurna Studios banner is directed by Kalyan Krishna directed by Akkineni Nagarjuna and directed by 'Rarandoyi' will be screened by Annapurna blessings as young Samrat Naagachaitanya hero. Worldwide on the 26th of May, this movie is being hit by Superhit Talk. There was a succeeding day at the Annapurna 7 acre in Hyderabad on May 27. King Nagarjuna said, "Let's look at the Randhoyi celebration. Take it to Amala Holiday Trip. Movie Release is Super Hit. We all are very happy. We are going to a holiday trip. Family Audience is the only way to make this film a big hit. There is a very good response from the theaters. Kalyan Krishna worked hard from the script stage. Along with the 44-year-old Industry Experience, Satyanadu is here with our excellent screenplay. As well as the GK Mohan was also very helpful. Geek Mohan, Kalyan Krishna and Satyanandagare are the backbones of the film. Cinematographer Vishweshwar has shown each Seinny beautifully. Chaitanya, Rakulpreet, Jagapathi Babu, Sampath, everyone else as a good emotion. DSP is not only the music but it is well ventilated in the film. Bracket also sang lyrics that he did not just sing. Also, 'Tikita Takujum', 'Bhramaramba', the title song .. All songs are very good response. Devi provided Extraordinary Background. Jagapathi Babu did very well that the father should be like this. The scenes between the rakul and the sampath are also emotional. We will remember a heroine in the role of the character. Such characters are a lot of times in the movies. Ruckle Prettt has done so well with such a horror character. Any hero likes to hit the clap with audiences. Also in the film is the Audience Claps for Chaitu Performance. In the beach scene, Chetu was happy to know that he was giving venom to performance. I told you before the release. Now I am telling you. My hero super. I think about my next movie after the holiday. I liked the 'Bangaru Raju' title as I liked the 'Sogdidi Chinniyanayana'. Kalyan Krishna will do the story, I like it. The film 'Rajagari Room -2' is to be completed. We are waiting for Akhil in the film. On the 6th of June, the Akhil is scheduled to schedules. I'll think of all this after coming from Holiday. " Yasamasrat Nagasaitanya said, '' I've done the best movies of 'Randhando' 'Let's see the festival' '. Thanks to the Telugu audience who gave me such success. Thanks to my father first. The film was full of support and pre-production, schedules and post production. Kalyan Krishna Shiva is a well-known character. Kalyan Krishna is the reason for my role. Thanks to Kalyan Krishna for trusting me. Hrrud Parsent did justice to the character of Rakul Bhramaramba. Special Thanksgiving for all including Jagapathi Babu, Sampath, Satyanand and DSP. Director Kalyan Krishna said, '' I have to talk about what I mean when I talk to Nagarjuna. If he does not, 'Soggaday Chinniyanayana' 'Randandoy .. Let's see the festival' movies, these suits are not. He has learned many things from the profession, not personally and personally. Chaitu has done a great role in Shiva. When I saw the movie in the theater, I watched both the eyes and the water in the three scenes. Sivalanti's matriculation character is not easy. Chandu showed a double impact with his performance. Everyone is well supported, including Jagapathi Babu and Sampathgarh. Thanks to the screenplay of 'Sogdata Chinniyanayaana', 'Randandoy .. Let's watch', also thanks to the screenplay and thank you for being part of the success. Devi Sriprasad's Extraordinary Music has provided background score. Zeek Mohan is well supported. The film is particularly well connected to Ladies and Family Audience. Thank you for making such a big movie. "

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