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Suresh Kondeti Felicitated By Veeravasaram Kala Parishad

 Producer Suresh kondetini satkarincina kalaparisat viravasaram !!  The main producer, `santosam chief Suresh kondetini kalaparisat viravasaram West district lavishly honored. Suresh, who was the guest of the program in the state Department of Labor matyulu Pitani Satyanarayana honored with kondetini Salua.  Pitani Satyanarayana said the minister, - `commitment, discipline, even if it worked sadhincavvu account of the work. Expected to reach higher positions on the field. Mr. Suresh was very hard isthayiki. Actress, who went to the country's reputation in the Godavari district say whip. Suresh Kondeti one of those individuals. He said that in the film industry for more success in the korukuntunna.  Viravasaram kalaparisat Ramakrishna through the President said - 'Suresh was passionate about the arts and to the small-empowerment. Aphyasan he had was the worst. Started his career as a journalist, is happy to continue to the higher ranks. The name of the honored more perigindi kalaparisat by Suresh said.  Said Suresh Kondeti sanmanitudu, -` sanmanistuntanu I were very pleased with the awards. I like that the land today varyulu PITHANI satyanaranagaru from the hands of the minister. That honor was held under the auspices of kalaparisat viravasaram marcipolenu life is going to be forever.  Bipeddirajunu CBI officer was also honored in the same stage. Mega MLC sesubabu this program, local sarpanch of Queen Victoria, rangasayi, valavala Ramakrishna, karansetti Murthy and others were present.

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