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Shalini Audio Launched Grandly

 "Shalini" Film songs released Des amogh husband, Archana, Shreya Vyas actors "Lion" Gold Productions in association with Sai Venkat PV banner painirmata Satyanarayana Prasad Lab recently produced songs for the film in the film salinii telangana venugopalacari seas was the chief guest of the state government, a spokesman for the songs to CD Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce released the first CD of the event offered to the Chairman of the RK Goud songs venugopalacari matladutusinimaku bagundialage Shalini very good name, producer and director Sheraz Satyanarayana to come more to the movies good peruteccipettalicinna The majority of workers employed in the film labhistundisiyam kesiar Adukuntam Cinema Film City, the government said that 2,000 acres of land will be constructed. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the film said. RK Venkat Sai Goud matladutusinima publicity in the case of a man who compromised, but with the release of the film and the songs are good publicity vastundivijuvals horror bagunnayiippudu Congratulations to all the must-win sadhistunditim Trend runs. Shalini matadutuma satyanaraya PV producer, director Venkat seraj very well tisadusayi Mr. our luck to our release. After watching the film would be released after watching ceppanusinima matladutui Producer Venkat Sai nirnayincukunnanuanta wanted to release the movie in a well-made items Shalini darsakuduanni Entertainment movie horror thriller and love him, it has a promising future in a big-budget film to seraj said Teesta. In the time of her husband's film takkuva hero Des amogh salinibagavaccindipatalucala bagavaccayinavanit Charry was good music. It impresses the audience regularly. Movie director seraj .... Shalini different kaligistundilav every moment of suspense, romance, horror thriller. Hyderabad, Vizag. Cesamannaru shooting in Goa Shreya wing of the event, technicians bhasya sriraj najirbala satisnavanit Vyas atidhulu a domino effect, Gopi Dhanbad, Venu Madhav, Om prakasnajir, D News Rajesh, buccireddi, Sayed Yaqub, Syed Moosa, Lakshmi She took part in the team .                           The audio was released by Music Sivaranjani

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