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Ritika Singh Interview-Telugucinemas

 He starred in the horror thriller `sivalingalo challenging! - ritika Singh   Actor Actor kaboyi circle circle are Dr .. kaboyi engineer. The possibility of similar background in martial arts and was a surprise performer was ritika. Venkatesh's film was well-received in the early 'gurulo kikbaksar role. `Sivalinga starred opposite direction pivasu raghavalarens now. Ritika to act in two different roles in the film is that of diversity. On April 14, the eve of the release of `sivalinga ritika IIT Hyderabad, told journalists sangatulivi ... I baksarni own. Cinnapude learned boxing. Was the winner in the Asian boxing Trophy. A country that has seen me Maddy (Madhavan), my father was given the opportunity to contact the tamilacitram `irudusutrulo. In fact, the actress avvalanukoledu nenueppudu. Real Life Martial Arts Fighter. However, the film did not come. Everything happened accidentally. Sarna M .. my father was asked to roll with the inadvertent boxer. Selaktayipoyanu going to auditions. The success of the film was in Hindi and Tamil. Venkatesh in Telugu 'gurulonu got the chance. Sivalinga liked the story was in the movie. Impresses me, especially my character. Therefore, to accept the role. This is a horror entertainer. `Sivalinga saw Kannada version. Fresh take care of getting me a lot of the film was in effect. Without make-up guru was in the picture. The act of a normal teenage girl. Wearing makeup. Dancing, and was very difficult to give different expressions. I never did idivaraku dancing. Lawrence cant good dancer. Adaragottestarayana dancing. Dancing is very difficult to me. In addition, look Saree. Saree should be dancing. It seemed to be an even bigger challenge. Challenging the film seemed to be a very large sum. While dancing with body language, expressions and offer advice on the Lawrence cant. Action scenes are the highlight of the film. Acting is very difficult compared to boxing. Cinnappatinunci martial arts, boxing learned. They are easy to make. But acting is difficult. Everything seemed to be difficult because of the new hearing. Shiva movie action scenes, more sramincalsoccindi for dancing. From 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening to practice anything.  Venkatesh in the film Guru, Madhavan appeared in khuduslo room. Amazing that both actors. Annirakaluga have support. Learned many valuable things from them. Jupiter is happy to enter the film in English. Venkatesh Rao, the role of this helped me a lot. Listening to the stories. Ready to play a role when it comes to good opportunities. The diversity of the films want to make a career. The scope of the performance could have been chosen. She plays in a Tamil film.   Priyanka Chopra, aliyabhat, my favorite stars Anushka Sharma. Inspiration for me a surprise. Inspayiringga a surprise to a lot of young adult alocimpajestundi me Tire.

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