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Mohan Lal's Black Money Release Date

 Mohanlal's grand coming 21 'blakmani  Mohanlal regardless of getting blockbuster. Became the talk of the town on the flour to make a dough. He is coming from a good entertainer. Class, love for everyone, regardless of the difference in mass of the film. Mohanlal starrer Malayalam superhit Telugu `` Run, Baby ran blakmani. (.. all new notes) anuvadamai rilijavutondi name. Nizam Syed Nizamuddin presentation majin muvimekars this film under the banner. Recently, a group of sensor Clean yu 'honor was given the certificate. On November 21, celebrated around the world, including Telugu rilijavutondi States. Speaking on the occasion, producer Nizamuddin mohanlal jorumidunnaru hits in English. This initiative continues to be longer. Curiosity is the same as the original Lal telugunata movie is coming. Hence, in the wake of the media would be made `Confidence is a big success blakmani. The film stars Mohanlal, a tivicanel kemeramenga. Renuka is senior editor of the implementation of the lead role. Relationship, the film revolves around a professional conflict. This is the highest grossing film in Telugu as well as cross-Malayalam industry meets the hope of winning big. Telugu version of the translation has been completed, including the sensor. Cestunnam around the world, including the release of July 21, said that Telugu.

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