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Katrina Kareena Madhyalo Kamal Haasan Censor Completed

 The building where the sensor is a sensor that does not sinimakiakkada. Productions banner of Sri Gauda navakala Shreemaan Mouli, chief horsemen, Shri vijjagiri sinfulness hero and the heroine, prasadkumar producers of the flick directed by Ratna ', the center of Hurricane Karina facilitate'. The film is scheduled for release on April 7, had been completed in all the programs. In the case of the sensor members of the sensor while the Telugu rijikt been no cuts from the image sensor without Delhi 'A' certificate is own. The producers of the film censor matladutumunduga and without a single cut 'A' certificate to thank the members of the Delhi sensor. The film is in English, but in the manner in which the sensor rijikt not hurt us greatly. There is nothing in the content that they rijikt sensor proved to Delhi. Ekjamin committee here, the way it is dealing with the case of the short films is very painful rivaijing committees. 8 months of the end of the clearance sensor acquires from Delhi to Fight .. All India Democratic Women's Association, during which the film will rilijki Movie Posters apeyalantu notices sent out. After all rilijki established on April 7, after the dispatch of all Posters and how it is now possible to apeyalante? Print Posters spent millions of credits. This time, we wanted them to be embarrassed guriceyadanikeikkadi sensor is kummakkayiila. If they have any doubt on the content of the film, the film looks at the matladamanandi. Were very positive about the girls. Bad thinking in terms of how much it goes up to a girl is a movie. There are scenes in this movie, except that it's demeaning to women. Supported by the short film, bratikincandi. He said. The event director Chitra gem, Gauda and others were Mouli. Shashank Mouli, chief horsemen, sinfulness, Jeeva, Ananth, Khayyam, rocket Raghav, Fish Venkat, jabardhast Mahesh, the film, starring the director's words: VSB Tenneti, Music: Srikar, camera: Prasad, Shravan Kumar, co-produced by S. Mallaiah, b. Jagan, Karne Indira Venkata Reddy, producers, Shri vijjigiri, prasadkumar, story, screenplay and direction: gem.

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