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Victory Venkatesh Interview on Guru

 Check out the interview of hero Victory Venkatesh who is coming up with his latest film Guru which is based on sports and  hitting the screens on March 31st.

About Guru Film and career?
I played very aggressive role which suited to my age as well definitely its a different role in my career and i am very disciplined actor from my career beginning i have done different kind of films . i will take things in very simple way i will not  take small issues in serious manner 

Doing Remake is Easy ? or ? 
Attempting remake is like a challenge we must take care of Story and character we have to go for a safe bet  because Cinema is business

Guru film already released in Hindi and Tamil languages is there any reason behind doing it in telugu ?
Only thing i believe is most of the people are yet to watch this film audience will come to theaters with clean and open heart so they will decide the film future  if the content connects to people they will not think about remake or straight film. 

What groundwork you have done for Guru Role ? 
As i said i have played very aggressive role for that i have seen different kind of coaches in the films and took 6 months of boxing training  I didn’t take much time to transform into a strict coach

About Music ?
Guru Music came out very well each and every song is fresh Especially O Sakkanoda song will attract every one when they watch it in theaters 

About Rana?
Iam happy for Rana he is doing diffrent kind of roles and scoring superhits from the child hood he is very much passinated towards films he started VFX business in the early stage of his life he improved alot in terms of acting and selecting scripts 

What Changes you have observed in Industry ? 
I have not noticed any kind of changes in the industry from the past few years only change is people are changing day by day their mindset is changing a lot we have to think about our self and work for it   

Are you interested to Enter in TV Industry as Host or other department ?
As of now NO i'm not at all interested in that things iam just focusing on acting iam not ready to do such things due to my own works .but i'm not having any kind of wrong impressions on that 

Future projects?
I heard few scripts i will definitely let you know once the script gets locked 

With that we concluded our interview with Victory Venkatesh . Telugucinemas.in Wishing a very good luck to Guru Venkatesh and Team  

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