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Telangana Film Chamber Of Commerce Rk.Goud Press Meet

 They put aside the thing everyone is cheating Arke Goud Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce for four years, and we will prarimbhinci. Telugu Film Chamber we're even. After the split we had two Telugu states tiephsisi There is also the Central Government and State Government atharaijesan. Our chamber has four films to be censored. 1. The love of the mother, 2. fast, little hope of 3, 4 komali the four films have been given to the sensor. In addition, there are 10 movies sensor ready. Such a negation of our tiephsisiki C. Kalyan's sly evidence of acting. We have also been made to the movie industry is being censored. Moreover, in view of the well-being of producers for ten days in 2008, 2014, have been on hunger strike for 7 days in the industry. Avamanistara such us! We can no longer work Yojana scheme of 500 houses under the settlement, homeless producers, directors, artists, teknisiyansku was a drug offense. Technicians also ippistunnam as well as all health. The producers are up to a thousand people in our tiephsisilo almost transparent. Technicians 3 thousand members. The house did not have any drug offense, such as the Chamber has been good so far ceppukuntamu proud. But some of the exploits of the film Industrie. Prodyusars Council exceeds four years without elections being enjoyed by some. Dilly-makers spending money. Many producers of films in the industry find a reason to release the screens 200 films are finished rilijku nocukoleka. As well as the digital charge of the side for the week to 2500 / - per week, if we can, 11,000 / - to 13,000 from being vasulu. Three of them in particular. 1. suresbabu, 2. Aravind, 3. Ramesh Prasad screens are in their hands. Lease transactions are in their hands. Digital transfer of approximately 15 million per month, in keeping with their hands and plundering. It did not tell the government to account. Tax not. Government is being cheated. For the problems we adicestunnam pettiparisrama aside, there are the problems that the producers kanphyuj pakkadrova presmitlu is misleading. They robber seat. They are doing to prevent elections. Has never performed better in silence. While cheating is a bad idea when the producer. And if the producers to seek the welfare of the running side, 2500 / - Digital charge here, why not? 11,000 / - from thousands to 13,000 / - per thousand are being charged and why? They hold the executive producers of digital exploitation dandukuntu quotes, movies ceyutanivvadaniki why not come forward. For producers, the fight for the release of the film, which makes ourselves. To fight for their view of the problems of incorrect pariskarincadakunda pakkadrova emanali pattistunnavarini. If the problems are not resolved kapadatam stated that the film industry. Produced by industry, small and big producers, they are now down to the same small producer. After we split into two State of Andhra, Telangana and justice to all, regardless of whether we have to fight with the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce achieved. Pancutunnamu rewards the achievements of ten, but we are not doing an impersonation. We ceppadalacukunnam one thing. Kanphyuj producers without having to open the eyes. Producers Council, claiming irregularities. It was also the committee. But, what the Committee was the reason telcalekapovadaniki. In the past 20 years as a member of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce have several positions. The sector was also chairman of the producers of the two states. But, I have never committed any irregularities. The Chamber also did not make any of the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce are lots of things that are abandalanu orvaleka us. Ten, fifteen together elelpi Fly in the loss of the entire Telugu producers is that, exploits. C this point. Kalyan garike see? Why is not he on the mouth medapadam. We are also confronted with this serious digital, elelpi Theaters, and producers of the solution in the case of leases bratikinci visurutunnam challenge to prove your honesty.

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