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Nagaram Success Meet

 'nagaram' saksesmit Young hero hero Sandeep Kishan, Regina leading asvanikumar Sahdev ekees Entertainment presentation, potential Studios banner film, directed by Lokesh 'nagaram'. The film was released worldwide on March 10, have completed all of the programs. This had been arranged on Saturday in citrayunit saksesmitlo ... Chitra Director Lokesh said kanakaraj - `` Success would be good to know that the film is expected to be a good response kaniinta. I have some short films before this movie, I did an independent movie. Fashion show of the film set foot on the field. The success of this film as a director, my responsibility is still pencindi. Mr Hero said - `` The nagaram is supportive of the film thanks to Telugu audience. Theatres still growing today. Undi quite happy to see the response for the film said. Sandipkisan said - `the star was busy shooting the film was not exactly the movie promotions. Esarprabhugariki producer, Telugu producer asvinikumargariki Thanksgiving. In addition to the team, who have worked hard throughout the day and night in two santsaralu film. Sri also starred in the film, the hero of the great. Some critics saw the film in Tamil, the websites aprisiyet was outstanding. Appreciation edcesanu twenty minutes I can see that. Almost two years to come to me because the film will be a hit. Lokesku thanks to such a good film director came to my badhananta. Regardless of the success of the film in Telugu audience would netivitiki nirupincaru once said.

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