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Bichagada Majaka Press Meet

 Eviem Makers "biccagada majaka .. !!  Keesnagesvararavu directed by leading directors .. "All Variety Movie Makers" is being produced by a variety of new producer bicandrasekhar Documentary film "biccagada majaka ..". In this film, Arjun-nehades .. Suman Pandey starrer, babumohan, Balaji, ramasatyanarayana, Gowtham Raju playing key roles. Bicandrasekhar producer of the film, the story and the dialogue has to offer.  Three songs, with the exception of two fights were finished shooting the film in the Film Chamber held a press conference to announce the title. .. Chitra bicandrasekhar the producer, directors keesnagesvararavu, Arjun, the hero, the heroine nehades Pandey, Executive Producers eskerahaman, esembhasa, cameramen Adusumilli Vijay Kumar, who played the main characters in the film, Balaji, Gowtham Raju participated.  "Biccagada majaka" is a good producer of the movie industry, is proud to introduce the story of Chitra directors keesnagesvararavu keesnagesvararavu had been preparing herself for the great shot .. .. .. Adusumilli Vijay Kumar's cinematography is the main attraction of the film in May bicandrasekhar is planning to release the film, producer. "Biccagada majaka" We feel lucky to be coming out of the chance to perform as good as the movie starring Arjun, nehades Pandey said. We played a very good role in the film, Balaji, Gowtham Raju said.  Seenu movie, Chitti, Rajshri other roles, this film noir .. Editor Marthand kevenkates, music, srivenkat, Fights: Ram Hiren, camera: Adusumilli Vijay Kumar, Co-Director: Ramesh Reddy punuru, Executive Producers: eskerahaman-esembasa, story-words-producer: bicandrasekhar, Screenplay-Direction: keesnagesvararavu

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