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Om Namo venkatesaya Success Meet

 'Om Namo venkatesaya' image after the birth of my dhanyamaindi - Darsakendrudu keraghavendraravu .. Under the direction of Nagarjuna hathiram bavajiga darsakendrudu keraghavendraravu sayikrpa Entertainment Pvt. Limited devotional film produced under the banner emahesreddi 'Om Namo venkatesaya. The film was released to audiences of all kinds, particularly alaristu venkatesvarasvami devotees speed road to success. Annapurna Seven Acres marking the event at a press conference in Hyderabad on February 11, have been set up. The meeting of Nagarjuna, darsakendrudu keraghavendraravu, producer emahesreddi, Pragya Jaiswal took part in the heroine. Emahesreddi producer said - '' the crowd for such a fantastic success, our heartfelt thanks to the fans. Is very satisfied with this victory. Dhanyamaindi my birth. Raghavendraravugariki given me the opportunity to do this movie, nagarjunagariki, kiravanigariki, my thanks to everyone who worked on this film. Many people phoned me to see the movie thinks this is a very exciting film tisavu janmaki seemed to put it. Raghavendraravugaru until the end of the first movie was awesome. Swami Baba pacikaladutunte hathiram .. I've had the feeling of playing. My eyes are watering tirugutune perpharmenski nagarjunagari the second half, 40 minutes. There were tears of joy custunnananna an amazing movie. The two friends were in the vidipotunnaranna was suffering. The film showed a lot of activities that take place in Tirupati. Vaccestam and general appearance. But, there are a lot of cudalsinavi. All of which are known to everyone through this film. Nagarjunagaru from the first shot to the last shot has been quite remarkable. The film in the history books. No one except the character to be able to nagarjunagaru. Nageswara devotee at the time of the most exciting films. Now is nagarjunagaru. Annamayya, sriramadasu, siridisayi the highest, Om Namo venkatesaya the height of the film, "he said. Pragya Jaiswal said - '' the film that I saw yesterday. It was a great experience. Scenes showed a lot of water in my eyes. Played such a film is very happy, '' he said. Keraghavendraravu darsakendrudu said - '' We feel this film has been pulled in the audience today are the same feel of the film. Eppudogani say dhanyamaindi birth. Dhanyamaindi when the film is really my life. I got a lot of phone calls from yesterday. Two of them, however, can tell you. Our relatives, one phone, and a film and you do not want to dhanyamaindi birth. But, this movie cusinanduvalla dhanyamaindi our birth, saying hello to your feet. Someone said that the launch of the phone and the screen field in Tirupati. There is nothing for me to be with this birth. I look at the statue of the audio will function normally. Nagarjuna said that the eyes are caused by the divine vision. Now, even those who have seen the movie feel the same effects. The climax of the scene to cover the sand, watching the two eyes view Viswaroopa not subject to the usual means. I do not know this song were not able to cut the number of times a stance. Dhanyamaindi this film in my life, '' he said. Speaking of Nagarjuna - '' LinkReports adarincinatte picture also supports the film. Say more than that. I am very happy. Raghavendraravugaru name to this cause. Lets LinkReports then began my journey to devosanal. It's not the movie Journey. Since that time, there was also an internal journey. Raghavendravugariki to say thanks. The story is about three, four years, he suffered. The film comes raghavendraravugaru so emotional, bharavigaru struggles. Kiravanigariki thanks to all the others. Amla, who goes home to me after the film, so much so that I found myself premistondo. Leave me without looking at me is sitting next to an hour. Appudarthamaindi been in his mind how close I was. Premincukune time to sit side by side would claim. Now, it happened again. Is very happy. Everyone loved the film. Thanks to the audience so well supported

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