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Om Namo Venkatesaya is Must Watch: V Naidu

 ... Indians is not a must-see movie of the great devotional Telugu: 'Om Namo venkatesaya - Union emvenkayyanayudu .. Under the direction of Nagarjuna hathiram bavajiga darsakendrudu keraghavendraravu sayikrpa Entertainment Pvt. Limited devotional film produced under the banner emahesreddi 'Om Namo venkatesaya. The film was released to audiences of all kinds, particularly alaristu venkatesvarasvami devotees speed road to success. On this occasion, Prasad Labs, Hyderabad Central emvenkayyanayudu watched a special show. Emvenkayya Naidu, speaking to journalists after the Union ... Fairy Shirdi 'Om Namo venkatesaya' happy looking at the picture as a wonderful devotional. Keraghavendraravugaru, Akkineni nagarjunagaru provided a good picture of the Telugu audience. Keraghavendraravugari creative energy ramaniyam, kamaniyam. In short, created amazing. The purvagathanu said today's generation. Mahesreddigarini appreciate the built in such a great picture. Summarizing the story of the seven hills are pretty well handled. Custunnantasepu is pleasant throughout the film. Vuntunnam all busy in the modern era. Devotion is reduced. At this time, let us all living rahasanni 'Om Namo venkatesaya' mahesreddi picture, raghavendraravugaru, nagarjunagaru provided to us. 'Annamayya,' sriramadasu ',' siridisayi 'devotion to the aesthetic as seen in New nagarjunni. As well as the 'Om Namo venkatesaya the film can be found in a new Nagarjuna. Fit for the role, which appeared odigipoyi well. Kali also underlined that none of his creative power keraghavendraravugaru cupincaleni greatly vaikunthanni have been created. Excellent graphics. Today's visitors to see these films, you need to know to make. Telugu: Indians not to look at the image of the great devotion. "Lavakusha 'seemed to have seen 'Om Namo venkatesaya' senior entiargaru to see the film's' Lavakusha film producer mahesreddiki gurtukostundani I said. The movie is so good. Lord Venkateswara Balaji, Balaji known as All in All. That's how the name came to be well-made film. Saurabh Jain, who plays the role of Lord Venkateswara, played wonderfully. Also, Anushka and Jagapati Babu good roles. 'Om Namo venkatesaya' films, such as young people should be .. That is not physical, spiritual wealth, even wealth. We get a lot of spiritual development. Spiritual wealth, culture, heritage, all of the country's sampadalenani raghavendraravugaru said the film once again. I think he would make such films and more. In today's fast during the unrest, disgust, aversion apparent. If you must be away from all of these young people, such devotional images.

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