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Film Critics Association New Executive Committee Details

Film Critics Association elected a new Executive Committee Film Critics Association Press somajigudaloni new Executive Committee elections were held in Hyderabad on Sunday. Today, the new working committees unanimously was elected by the general meeting. President of the Association of bieraju, Vice Laxminarayan, secretary maduri Madhu, US Secretary sayirames, Treasurer parvataneni soccer, executive member Diwakar, elrambabuvarma, jihanumantaravu, Reddy VHR, timallikarjun, semen Srinivasa Rao Bajra, R. diesprakas elected. Film Critics Association and is planning for 50 years to 2018 saw the emergence of a very grand occasion of the Golden Jubilee function to manage the association. Suresh Kondeti sarnotsava Film Critics Association was unanimously elected chairman of the celebration committee. The returning officer of the electoral process was kelaksmanaravu senior journalist. Association member, senior journalist elgangadharasastri president of the Association of Film Critics Association Welfare phandki bierajuku provided a donation of Rs one lakh. As well as a photo journalist, jasmine sivaramakrsna Rs 11,116 donated to the organization. Eprabhu former president of the election campaign, the former secretary Jaya b., Senior journalists gudipudi Hari, saratkumar, tredgaid Venkateswara Rao and others were present. Bieraju this occasion, the President said - '' I believe in me, and my thanks to all members of the Association elected president. Everyone is working together to accomplish our goal can only be achieved if we wanted to. For the welfare of journalists, including each of us needs to work hard to do my best in order to strengthen the association. Our association is a member of the Association on behalf of all of us, thanks to the state that gangadharki velpherki donation of Rs one lakh, "he said. Kondeti Film Critics Association's Golden Jubilee Committee Chairman Suresh said - '' Film Critics Association has given me the responsibility of organizing a grand celebration of the Golden Jubilee, thanks to me, the chairman of the elected members. Association with the cooperation of the elders, members of the Committee in collaboration with the Golden Jubilee celebration of the rich manage to do my best to work hard. Think about everyone in the memorable occasion of the Golden Jubilee function to assure that this will be a great event, "he said. Vice President Laxminarayan said - '' Association elections were held in a very peaceful environment. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, the members of the committee. Committee's main duties was the first of our new health cards, the second akridesan, the third double bedroom flats. The three main topics, as our new Executive Committee for its hard work. I am sure that the results would be achieved with the cooperation of everyone, "he said. Maduri Secretary Madhu said - '' Thanks to everyone who supported me. CAP strives for the welfare of all members of the association would be working hard to assure this, "he said.


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