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Vaishakam will score super hit in 2017

 `Vaisakham dephanetga in 2017 will be a superhit movie - producer bieraju Beginning his film career as a journalist piarvoga, superhit patrikadhinetaga, arjesinimas a banner for himself as a producer of successful films made in the industry to create a special place to hit the industry bieraju birthday on January 7. On the eve of his birthday on Friday on the website of the Telugu version started in Hyderabad. On this occasion, a press conference was set up ..... Bieraju producer said - '' superhit and 24 sanvatsaralavutundi start. Have been produced, as well as fifteen years. Cesukanna superhit in 2018 after 25 years of the completion of the 25-year celebration conducted superhit. I have worked in two years, three years have been reported. The reason is because I like a lot of work. It works every day of my policy. More energy will be paniceyalanukuntu. Piaroga everyone worked up, as well as movies. Producer of the film, the story becomes a story of justice and attempt to make it more palatable. Now our arjesinimas vaisakham producer of the film, built on the banner. The film is currently slated for post-production activities. So far, the love of our banner pavani Kalyan, cantigadu, gundammagari grandson, Lovely pictures bayyarsku earned profits. There is a craze in the film business, so our vaisakham. Vaisakham release another film before the start of the pre-production work jaragutunnayi ceyalanukuntunnamuanduku. Citralannintilo arjesinimas vaisakham Best Movie will come to our banner, the audience feel adaristarani. Dephanetga vaisakham film in 2017 will be a big success. The reason for my success with my wife, the director of the bijayagari support is greatly appreciated. Superhit, my staff support is vital to the success of the industry hit. Thanks to everyone who supported me and stood on my Journey, '' he said.

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