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Telangana Movie And TV Artists Union Diary Launch

 Spicy Movie and TV Artists Union, the discovery of the diary New Year's diary, published by the Union of Artists of Telangana Movie and TV producer, Film Federation of India President c. Kalyan recently announced the launch of the film chamber. Union set up a meeting with the newly elected president of the Shiv Shankar (apurup) was sworn in. After leading producer, Film Chamber of Commerce President, C. Kalyan, Film Producers Council treasurer tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana, SL Group chief nanavat Naik, Chairman pisatyareddi sector, Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the copies of the Ramakrishna Goud, SL Associates basket siddhalaksmi Chairperson, Nova gruph Colleges Chairman muttansetti Krishna, the two states, according to RIA (Right of Information Commission) Commissioner muttansetti vijayanirmala, Dairy publisher Om sayiguru dijitals chief Kollur Srikanth Murali, president of the Association of directors of directors tadinada rajasinha Shivshankar (apurup) held under the auspices of honored members of the union.  The elected president of the Shiv Shankar (apurup) matladutuma honorary adviser to the union of Sri cejarla indrakumar (Indrani Charitable Trust, Kuwait), EO adagaganemi navantu to push for welfare, co offer, saying that the main karakulainaru diary for publication. As well as the head of the group SL nanavat Mr. Nayak gave a check of Rs 25 thousand for the welfare of the Union. Srikanth's support as well as maruvalenidi Kollur. Special thanks to the three disclosure. Krsicestanu my best for the welfare of the union members navantuga. 300 to 525 members to join our Union nelarojullope know who is responsible for so much of me. Union on behalf of the 12 members of the task force will be made available to the union at all times. As well as the members of the housing, insurance will endeavor to provide comfort. The last diary of our Union C aviskana lab. Kalyan garu, varandistamanna todpatuki special thanks on behalf of the Union

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