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O Pilla Nee Valla in Post Production

 'Oh come on the post-production work, you valla  Krsnacaitanya, Rajesh Rathore, Surya Srinivas, Monica Singh, Shalu carasiya big wig in the movie is the casting of the film, 'Oh come on Entertainments banner rupondutonna your valla Kishore, director of construction. The film is currently in post-production celebrates programs. Chitra .. Speaking on the occasion, director, producer Kishore - `` because of you come on our banner forming a film was completed, celebrates the production of programs. Love, comedy, action, including all the elements are in the film. Krsnacaitanya, Rajesh Rathore, actors including Monica Singh, with support teknisiyans able to complete the film in time. Madhu ponnas music, Shoaib Ahmed cinematography for the film will be a big asset. And will soon release the film the audience is going to tisukostam forward. Krsnacaitanya, Rajesh Rathore, Monica Singh, Shalu carasiya, Surya Srinivas, Sudarshan Singh and starring sahityamh dark little madineni, Karunakar adigarla, yaksanh Marshal Ramana, sinimatographih Shoaib Ahmed, KM, editarh Anil kintada, koriyegraphi: Jitendra sangitamh ponnas Madhu, co-producer: Maurya nirmatah Kishore, story, screenplay, dialogues, Kishore darsakatvamh.

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