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Manam Daily Paper Launch

 MP's poem `manam magazine launched  In fact, today it is very rare to write objectively, the press ... it's daring to write the lines of Tehelka magazine said today kanabadaneledani janajagrti president of Telangana, Nizamabad MP KALVAKUNTLA poem. Telangana, Andhra 13 editions of the most prestigious journal in the coming `manam inaugurating a function in Hyderabad MP was replying to a poem. The discovery of this magazine program on Sunday morning, many politicians, journalists participated.  The chief guest at the event, MP KALVAKUNTLA poem to something more telangana movement each time a different type of magazine wrote news movement. To the north of the national news media only priority. Writing for magazines like Tehelka's fearless are today. Objectively, to provide high quality news magazine `manam. We do not have the strength to those whose throats. We hear women's voice. Sanksemapathakalni explain to the public. Objectively, the fact that our government's support has always been fearless press is writing. Undi said that the Telangana region, the need for more papers.  `Manam head of the magazine, the leading politician, the businessman said air anilkumar labhapeksato put this magazine. People, for the magazine, which was launched for the welfare of journalists. The people's sense of fair pracuristam said. Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Ali said that the Telangana manam survey mukhabhivrddhini it. Together we are working on the ceyali said. And the courage to open up a newspaper these days to appreciate the minister Anil Padma Rao said. Journalists know that the difficulties, struggles to break them Accreditation, journalists, MPs, poems speak about the construction of houses dabulbedrum manam 'said Ramesh, one of the board of directors. Yusuf Ali, the director of the public that we have a yajnanlantidani said. We will endeavor to transport schemes for people's fearless writing manam 'said the director of the Figure. 9 months ago, the idea of ​​a tree kucunna puruduposukuni `manam was going to be the next director of YADAGIRI. Srinivas is the director of the magazine is going to be all that entertaining. Another director is expected to spite the wind bends the path of the development of the company. We come from Andhra and Telangana intakalam the editor designe seen pettinavarini investments. From Telangana and Andhra entrepreneurs looking to invest now strained. We, chairman of the entrepreneur said abhinandaniyam to break the rule. Padma Rao `manam magazine began to minister in the event calendar. Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Ali, to the Board of Directors ... Ramesh, Yusuf Ali, Figure, YADAGIRI Raju, Srinivas, air Giri, tiar S .. devendarreddi leaders, Equestrian kanakayya, Ranga Reddy, BJP President candrayya, corporator Baba and others were present.

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