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Khayyum Bhai 90% shooting completed

 A full 90 percent of Khayyam 'bhay nayim upcoming gangster life ..  Forming a film based on the life story of gangster-khayyum bhay nayim. The role of a connecting nayim soccer esipi tarakaratna playing the role. Directed by Bharat. Ms. Choudhury Sarada connecting imagination Sri Sai Creations banner is producing this film. 90 percent of the filming has been completed. The film will be released in February. Hyderabad, Amaravathi, Mangalagiri and other parts of the first and second schedules have been completed. Heading into the final schedule. The crucial aluminum factory on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the film is currently filming the action sequences. Part of the vast majority of the filming was set thanksmit exposing citrayunitni anniversary.  Speaking on the occasion, gives nayim bharat connecting part of the film is being awesome. My 25-year-old bond of friendship with him. Madras is known from infancy. Children plays in the film, Banerjee taditarulanta friends. Phyamilitonu NTR is a good supplement. Tarakaratna A Powerful esipiga playing. Displayed on the screen of all the events that happened in the encounter cinnappatinunci nayim to death. As well as five patalunnayi film. Shekhar Master's choreography, Gowtham Raju garu're editing. Gopi Mohan - Bhawani Prasad's words under the supervision provided by Kona Venkat. Undi believe that this film would be a success, he said.  Director Bharat Madras, since the introduction of soccer-katta. Searching for cast-in-law gives the story the way it seemed suitable for the role of nayim We had a choice. Due to the great interest in acting, he agreed. Technical professionals working in the film are well known to me. The output tisukogalananipincindi well. Kacchitanga victory in the film. Alaristundanna everyone is confident. Action scenes are the highlight. Krtajnatalu choice producers said.  Speaking of children's natincinappatinunci nenu know the actor Bharath. Thank you for all the producers of the film wanted to act teluguvalle. Exciting terakekkistunnaru known reimagining of the Bharat said.  Amazon said Prabhakar-taitil good. Has been asked to perform the role for three days. Character and then said okay. Idi is going to bring a good name to roll.  I work as an assistant camera early-madrasulo phaitmastar said Vijay Rao, known from the soccer. Phaitmastarnayya interested in fights. Even after such a gap, remembering the phone and working on the film chansiccaru too. And thanks to him. Bharat good technician. Terakekkistunnaru picture is going to be fine.  Mauni (Bangalore), Priya, Harshita, copper, Suman, Rao, Banerjee, yalbi Sriram, biological, Vinod, ranjagan, Fish Venkat, kotesvararavu, Jr. Relangi others playing in the film. Camera: Sridhar Norway, editing by Gowtham Raju, art, piviraju, Music: Sekhar Chandra, Fights: Vijay, dance, Shekhar, the words: Bhawani Prasad, story-screenplay-direction: Bharat

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