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Dyavudaa Teaser Launch

 "Dyavuda .. 'teaser released "Sanvi creations, Amrita Sai Arts jointly Bhanu, Sarath, Jai, Anusha, harini, compassionate, starring jorar (daivansika) Telugu film 'dyavuda ..'. The film is directed by Dasari sayiram harikumar reddiji. This teaser is a leading producer Chitra Raj kandukuri aviskarincagalogonu Happy, Vangaveeti Fame unveiled the finish. Prasad Lab event in Hyderabad 'done' Bobby Bandar producer, along with Chitra, Chitra Bhanu heroes, Sarath, Jai, the heroines Anusha, harinilu involved. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra producer harikumar reddiji .. "On the first day of the new year, our Chitra is very excited to be unveiling the teaser. This would be impressed kansepht terakekkincinanduku is happy. This aspect is related to the perception of the image daivansika. Shooting has been completed. ... Coming ranunnamannaru front of the crowd, was in post-production. Chitra Rao, director sayiram matladutuidi different drama. Take a picture of the events that took place terakekkincadam few temples in India. Kottavarainacala have been better cast. I will always owe him a picture of the building harikumar reddinannu nammii producer. ... These are all elements of the film the audience is going to be needed. Music: prajval Chris; Cameraman: Taran. K, Sonu. K; Producer: harikumar reddiji; Story, screenplay; Direction: Dasari sayiram.

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