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Nenostha in 100 days

 After completing hundred days 'nenosta' The big movie star heroes under 50 days to complete a short film on the Ringing days to 100 days to complete the cesukantundi. So far, no I did not hear the name of the original over. Tell me, is a complete unknown to one movie a hundred days? There is just the original technique. The film has not yet released the original nenosta. This is going to be released on December 30th date. But the film was to be released, and one hundred days? Jarupukundanega where your doubt? .. Do not worry if not all your knowledge in this release. The movie theater was not full of one hundred days. The sensor in the office ...! Yes! Sensarki throughout the post production of the film and to the full. They had seen the movie, but they were fairly censor board, stopped providing the original certificate. The first level was Reject. Tension before Pedro, I thought that would be on the team and the Central Board of Film appilki moved forward. Director of the Central Board of watching the film, the producers and the small size of the interviews were kanvins. As soon as the 'A' certificate, and drove them printed. It took exactly one hundred days to complete the entire process. This goes up to the theater before the film, the filmmakers say fun to be cesukundoc hundred days. The film is very mad, very carefully, excellent quality of CSI's story in some kurrollu nenosta. Still, most of whom kottolle, the trailer of the film, the teaser poster that is aims talapandipoyina understand decades. They are hard for any of the range of the film. Meccukovalsindi this whole episode is that, unless the delay is usually short films okatrendu months mantayi tus. They also disguise any source padunnayo lab that prints. But they did not take any byagraundu saportu this small film without any big noddle full of all the hassles that come rilijki the Great. Meccukovalsinde Kannan's insistence that regard.

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