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Money is Honey Audio Launch

 Svetasri Creations banner jevinayudu terakekkistonna self-construction of the movie "The Money Is Honey". Directed by Janardhan sivalanki. G. Vasant music. The audio innovation program took place at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. Producer C, who was the chief guest. Kalyan trailer, unveiled CDs. Chitra CD handed out to the members of the unit. The ceremony Kondeti Suresh Raj kandukuri, Damodar Prasad, a copy of the Ramakrishna Goud, sandhyaravi, Sai Venkat, piesar, each Ramakrishna Goud, Shivshankar attended. Sikalyan the producer said, "Vasu Naidu our Nellore person. A good friend. After some time, the field of the media were also present. Now the actor and producer was turning. He has given the film a good brekka. With the success of the producer should be more good movies. Money Back Success annisinimalu have come on the drop. The film is currently in the country coming out of the burning kalisostundi isyuphai. Songs, trailers are good. Ravali the name of the movie is going to be good for everyone to win. Chitra producer, actor jale vasudevanayudu the director of "My disciple. What convinced me to capture the story of harassing. Very movies phyasanetiv person. It is a good story. Will this title yapt while shooting the film? Or not? It is feared that many doubts. But in the end, however, the title kudurutundani kanvens ayyam side. Kolpotunnam humanistic values ​​slipped into the money. The four boys from an early age they lived in such good friends with them a lot of money, no vibe srstincindane showing interesting concept. The burning issue in the country right now. Most of them in a whole new cast. Vasant good music. As well as some Kannada, Tamil language films, also said that natistunna. Chitra director said, "a lot of money to promote the film, which is greater than the human relations. The film was well. The producer of all kinds of well-supported me. Terakekkincam without compromise. Asistunnaani preksakulanta adaristarani said. "Nakidi first film as a music director. Good tunes, R. Or come along. Apart from the short film is a big film. Performance of the actors, even if they have been given a whole new experience, "said the music director Vasant. Roshan, jiemmar, Venky Aashiq, writing Smith, rasmija, launches pokala other important roles. The film camera: Raja wheel, songs, gun gunje Seenu, editing, b. Mahi, writer-director Janardhan sivalanki

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