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"Inspector Kiran " Serial Launched by KRR

 K darsakendrudu. Raghavendra Rao, starting from the hands of "inispektar Kiran"  Gangotri Studios in association praili salukuti Reddy and produced by Sarvesh "inispektar Kiran" Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad serial began. Fame is a little bit harder and Rohini, as the heroine of the universe is directed by dug-starrer Kartik to the serial .. muhurtapu hirohiroyinla shot onto the scene in the wake of the comedy rupondutunna darsakendrudu keraghendraravu clap broke .. "inispektar Kiran" daily serial aired on Zee Telugu channel going. this occasion ..  The actor said in the universe .. Gangotri Studios rupondutunna on the "Kiran inispektar" as a head constable in the serial is going to be starring in a little more and a little more difficult .. Fame Rohini insipektar role in the serial cestundaniame Reddy and produced by the Constable Sarvesh annarunirmata natistunnandaku was glad to opening our serial darsakendrudu as the success of the first English bavistunnamani teliparuji keraghavendraravu gives hand clap nivvadame adarincinatle rate this serial in serial out via the serial korarui also begs said navvistamani ..  Rohini said ... just a little bit harder to cast and has the serial tanakento break after annaruyaksident "inispektar Kiran" by serial re-entry grant teliparukamedi serious with good entertainment too, along with the serial rupondutundani her teliparuvisva thyanks senior star cast, the filmmakers said kalpincinandaku a chance to work .. 6 mega serials in Tamil Karthik dug in the experience of the serial terakekkistunnarani he said ..  .. K Raghavendra Rao production executive prodyusar Ramu said Venkatesh Reddy garu Sarvesh salukuti made in the workshop on the Gangotri Studios has produced several successful serials .. the "inispektar Kiran" serial prarambhincarui serial Where are compromised with the plan rather than the typical rupondincenduku annarugatanlo the experience of the three images, the pearl of the experience of the three sirayal iccinandaku him the responsibility of the producer of the series, from the assistance offered by Sarvesh teliparumodati Zee Telugu Jayant thyanks to Reddy, Anuradha thyanks annaruma special cast-in-law, said the technical team is working to target Success. .  Starring: cosmic, Rohini, banner, Gangotri Studios Pvt Ltd, Executive prodyusar: Ramu Venkatesh, producer: salukuti Sarvesh Reddy, Director, dug Karthik

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