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Gulf Movie Press Meet

 Award of Excellence, which is a non-resident of the Gulf Film Team. P in the wake of the lives of the non-resident Indian living in the Gulf countries. Films directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy melodic yakkali team members produced under the banner of 'Gulf' image. Already busy shooting completing post-production, the film was linked to a non-resident of Excellence Awards. Coalition of Associations of Overseas T - Castle (foreign Spicy coalition of unions) and 18 December 2016 under the auspices of the US monthly magazine pravasimitra Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad on Sunday, the International Migrants Day (International Migrant's Day) will be held. This program continues to be competitive abroad, the skill, the ability to recognize the services provided by the humanitarian perspective of the diaspora of Indian origin honored awarded the 2016 Excellence Award.  Gulf Chitra director Sunil Kumar Reddy 'ekkadekkado struggling the past few years lived a large minority of the world's non-resident Indians. Metukula pidikedu for our film to the plight of the stomach cetabattukuni are going to the Gulf? Kannavariki forgotten the proverb lubricity distant hills, kattukunnavallaki batakalanukune away happily spend the Gulf? Spend a burden? Terakekkincam many elements such as film. Now the rest of the story is pretty evolved affliction among the barbed wire, roses, showing a pure love story. Bharatiyulalloni professionalism live in exile in other countries galphtopatu the awards have already completed the selection. On the eve of International Migrants Day on October 18, 26 people from 15 countries are presented the awards. The awards are presented in the last 26 years. Becoming part of such a program is to be happy. " Said.  Bhinreddi drove pravasamitra monthly magazine editors said, 'immigrant Indians living in different countries, it is a good platform to give awards to those who have the skills to pull it out. Nearly 20 million people are living in the Gulf countries, especially in Telugu. In a way that is not what they want the well-being of the people we're helping. Rani Gulf powerful drama director Sunil Kumar Reddy came forward to working with them to know. They need to give inputs. "He said.  Coalition of Associations of Overseas Telangana mithilareddi Trustees said, "still many difficulties to be just the Gulf, where the original undadanukuntaru a different life. Difficulties, however, are familiar to everyone, a different life for many people is unknown. There is happiness, there are also a way of life, everything else. Having fun is there in the film kastalatopatu Gulf, in an attempt to show that love is very happy. " Said.  Yakkili producer, said team members' melodic Films produced a film on the banner of the Gulf. The film director Sunil Kumar Reddy anukunnappatinundi netivitini the film carefully to find out what conditions can often come and go in the Gulf. Moreover, Gulf, is already shooting of the film. Has already completed the shooting of the film currently in post-production and is slated for our Gulf. " Said.

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