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Director Gautham Menon Interview About SSS

 I'm very happy about the success of the film adventure sagipo breath - gautamminan   Some discoloration of the well-loved story like no one in an unexpected way. No more of Bale said. However, there should be discussion sinimapaina. Korukuntunta never said it.  Naga Chaitanya once again seemed to work? Maya was a time, not a major change in the film? - Chih appudu figure, now is the perfect match. Tammudila is a lot of fun. Direct him to be the most comfort. However, the Tamil version of the Telugu version will rilijku was patiently for being late. The movie, however, has increased the level of consciousness. Adventure breath, then he would have to shoot, "the movie, you may do mass films as". Now to actually look avvagalige mass hero, became status. Another film to him and I'm sure that feeling and that caituki.  What has been some criticism of the climax, it Alors? A) Before the discussion could be in any other film. On a realistic, a dark climax of the film have been the end of a commercial touch. I have taken the decision to take it! If the mass of the film will be in Gautham Menon, the touch is the end. To tell the truth, rather than through dialogues sabplatni the climax, a nickname montage scene. They are also in the script. Kudarledu shoot it to some unexpected reasons. Even though many of the climax to enjoy it.  Should not there have been difficulties with Telugu version of the Tamil bilingual in the future .. stop taking pictures? - It is not that the problem is due to become a bilingual movie. Sometimes the conditions are so changed. But I think that any film to film much of the first two languages ​​alocistunta. Making my style, so there was also a bilingual film samasyem pettediga not bother anyone.

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