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Dhruva Theatrical Trailer Release

Mega Power Star Ram Charan's Dhruva theatrical trailer release
As Mega Powerstar Ram Charan comes back on to the big screen with his next film Dhruva, a directorial venture of Surender Reddy, the expectations are high. The film's trailer was launched on Friday in Hyderabad's Prasad Labs in the presence of Allu Aravind, Surender Reddy, Rakul Preet Singh and NV Prasad.
Produced on a grand scale with high production values by Allu Aravind and NV Prasad, the film is set to release on December 9th.
Speaking at the launch, Allu Aravind said, "we had planned to release the film on December 2nd initially. But due to the demonetisation, we were doubtful if the audiences will watch the film. And after some research and deliberations we have decided that 9th is an ideal date and have decided to release it on the day. As for the trailer, we wanted to release it in the pre-release function of the film. But when I saw the trailer, I was very excited and wanted the audiences to experience the same. Not just in Hyderabad but we intend to start promotions in Vizag, Tirupati and Vijayawada as well. Meanwhile there's a plan that the unit will be it he US for the film's premieres. The film's pre-release function on December 4th will be a grand affair."
NV Prasad said, "I know Chiranjeevi garu since the time of Khaidi and Aravind garu since 30 years. And I am really honoured to see my name next to Aravind in the titles! Charan has worked really hard for his fans and this one will be way better than is being expected by them."

Director Surender Reddy said, "Just like everyone else, I have been waiting for the release very excitedly. The whole team worked hard and most of all Charan worked the hardest. I'd like to thank Allu Aravind and NV Prasad for the opportunity.
Rakul said: "Dhruva is a very special film for me because this is my second film with Geetha Arts. Not just that it is the second film with Ram Charan and director Surender Reddy also. Thani Oruvan is my favourite film and when I watched it I wondered if anyone would remake it in Telugu. And I feel lucky to be a part of it.”
Dhruva will be released across the globe on December 9, 2016 and the USA premieres will start from December 8th.
Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh, Arvind Swamy, Posani Krishna Murali, Nasser and others 
Director: Surender Reddy 
Cinematography: PS Vinod 
Music: Hip Hop Tamizha 
Production Designer: Rajeevan 
Art: Nagendra 
Editor: Naveen Nooli 
Executive Producer: VY Praveen Kumar 
Producers: Allu Aravind, NV Prasad.
  Megapavar star in the theatrical trailer was released rancaran `dhrva  Megapavarstar Ram Charan, rakul Preet Singh, opposite the prestigious gitaarts stylish director Surender Reddy on the banner ace producer Allu Aravind, producer, entertainer `dhrva enviprasad jointly producing stylish. On December 9, the film producers are planning to release the World Wide grand. The film's theatrical release trailer prasadlyabslo program held in Hyderabad on Friday. Alluaravind this event producer, director Surender, the heroine pritsing rakul, enviprasad involved.  Allu Aravind's Geetha Arts .... Speaking on the occasion, the chairman - to be released on December 2, I thought, `Enter the picture. However ... due to the cancellation of the notes to the audience, and the movie theater Have had a doubt. The research arm of the 9th date on the subject will, however, found that people tend to have money. Thus, the picture of the certificate will be released worldwide on December 9. When it comes to the trailer ... this trailer to be released in the pre-function We had to plan ahead. However, after seeing the trailer, I quickly became very egjayit intended to show the audience the trailer. So today will be the release of a trailer. Vizag from Hyderabad soon, Tirupati, Vijayawada also want to be moved to the pole of the film promotions. We are planning to go to the premiere of a unit of the US. New Jersey, sanphransiko elsewhere, including the US, will also premiere. Pre-Movie function, as well as on 4 December, will be grand. Who will tell the details of the guests to this function is going to announce soon.  'Chiranjeevi said enviprasad producer of the film in contact with the prisoner. Arvind from Chennai, as well as with the almost 30 years since there is a good supplement. Arvind seeing my name on the screen next to the name of a great producer is very happy. Charan is very hard for the fans. Megaphyans any hit from Charan would provide for such a great hit on the pole four times. Naccutundi everyone is going to the cinema. Director Surender Reddy - `` Naturally, I am also of the polar wait for the release of the film for the very egjayitmentto. Everything is very kastapaddam team. Charan worked more than all of us. Allu Arvind garu gave me the opportunity, enviprasad thanksannaru garu.  Rakul heroine Preet Singh - `` certificate of the film is very special to me. For me, it is the second film in the Geetha Arts. Charan Teja's second film as well. Director Surender Reddy, the second film. Check oruvan my favorite movie. If someone wanted to do a remake of this film in Telugu. I expected a chance for me to come in order to remake the feeling lakkiga. This is very new for the movie screen. Charan is very new look. Naccutundi everyone is going to endorse.  Rancaran, rakul Preet Singh, Arvind Swamy, Nasser, starring Posani Krishna Murali sinimatographar piyasvinod the film, music - hip-hop, Tamil, Production Designer - rajivan, Art - Nagendra, Editor - Naveen nuli, executive producer - V .Thanx. Praveen Kumar, Producers - Allu Aravind, enviprasad, director - Surender Reddy.

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