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Dharma Yogi Running Successfully

 Our 'dharmayogi' blockbuster film, thanks to the crowd - Producer sihecsatiskumar Young hero Dhanush for the first time in the direction of a double aresdurai senthilkumar action entertainer 'dharmayogi. Vighnesvara Entertainment banner presentation, Ms. jaganmohini sihecsatiskumar Telugu audience is presented with this picture. The film was released on Diwali gift Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Talk pradirsitamavutondi superhit all areas. Sihecsatiskumar a press conference held on the occasion, the producer, is a leading producer malkapuram Shivakumar Nizam who took part in the picture. Sihecsatiskumar producer said - '' First Time Double roll Dhanush's 'dharmayogi' Diwali gift was released on Saturday. Run a successful response is very good. There are positive reports from the area. We are very happy in terms of collection. The film is also very positive because of the reviews, Mouth talk well as the continuing spread of the collections are growing well. There are two very different characters who have dhanusgaru two variations. Mass kyarektarki, Class kyarektarki is a very good response. The audience enjoyed watching this movie. It will be the best movie awards B.Tech in English after Raghuvaran dhanusgariki. Importance of this film has a lot of kyarektarki made Trisha. The character she was awesome. Trisha kyarektarski made earlier, this kyarektarki is a lot of variation. As well as a cute character Anupama Parameswaran, who was also a plus for the film. Imadhyakalanlo has not come full-blown political movies. Elements of the audience wants to rupondinappatiki dharmayogi film was shot at a political backdrop. From politics to the politics of the state level to the district level vuntayanedi Well, in this film. Each worker must watch film. Adiyanski entartainmenttopatu this film is also a good message. Dailagski film, twist, coming up with a good response from the audience, thrilling elimentski. All songs are sung by ramajogayyasastrigaru way. To suit sityuyesanki wrote some really good songs. The film was impressive with all the audience, the audience provides a very good film in Telugu All prasansistunte am very happy. How many screens are now being run in the two states to 30 per cent of our movie theaters are on the rise. Exhibitors are asking to become a movie. Distributors are happy with the area. I am quite happy to have received such a success. English market is a step in the increase of the film dhanusgariki. According to reports coming in from all of the area collections collect 3 crore has been three days. Theaters in terms of increasing the collection of the film to be a very big renjki hope, "he said. Producer, distributor mallapuram Sivakumar said - '' I have a picture of this release has been Nizam. Though she had many offers from distributors through our satisgaru wanted to release. Nizam, 92 have been released in theaters. Collections of the film in terms of better reporting rather than come up with this movie is going to be very pajitivalga. A dubbing the film in theaters in the first week is usually the situation is not addressed. But, the movie theaters were good. Besides, going to all the theaters in the second week. Another 18 theaters have been confirmed. Besides these, another 15 theaters is likely. Exhibitors will be presenting the film told bagundanna report. Riportparanga this film, so that is a positive kaleksansparanga theaters are increasing in the second week. Sure it's three, four weeks of playing the film. The result will be double what it took satisgaru Expectations hope this film. Dhanush characters who are all natural, so the audience loves to see his movies. Dharmayogi 'in the film, such necuraliti. So the audience overwhelmingly supports this picture. The same collection facilities increased our satisgariki want to get a good name, "he said. Dhanush doing a double role in the film, Trisha, Anupama Parameswaran esecandrasekhar a special role while acting as heroines. Dialogues: Shashank vennelakanti, songs, ramajogayyasastri, Cinematography: S. Venkatesh., Editing: Prakash cloud, Music: Santosh Narayanan, offering: Mrs. jaganmohini, Producer: sihecsatiskumar, story, screenplay and direction: RS. Durai senthilkumar

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