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Dharma Yogi Piracy Warning

 "Dharmayogi 'movie piracy that legal action will be taken against them - Producer sihecsatiskumar Dhanush starrer directed by aresdurai senthilkumar 'hits' Entertainments banner image vighnesvara siihecsatiskumar' dharmayogi "provided the name of the Telugu audience. The film was released last Saturday, the biggest opener of all time superhit talk centers being run. Subject to a powerful Dhanush and Trisha spread well as the pairasidarula mauttak rupondindane performance highlight was the focus of the image. Some lanes of online piracy, "dharmayogi" post a picture, because there was information that it had filed a complaint in Hyderabad, the anti-piracy cell sihecsatiskumar producer. They responded to the online 'dharmayogi "picture was removed. In addition, any IP address it is through the Enquiry on ayindane post. This picture was posted online by those legal actions tisukobotunnamani producer. If the image to download as well as anyone on the basis of the IP address that the harsh measures taken against them. Dhanush speed toward the biggest hit of her career by piracy dharmayogi picture do not look so good for taking pictures of the producers will lose heavily, so as to enjoy watching movies in theaters, the producer asked the audience satiskumar

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