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Lakshmi Bomb in Post Production

 Post-production work, 'Lakshmi bamb Gunapati taitilpatralo Lakshmi Prasanna Reddy Suresh Productions banner in association udbhav Kartikeya maunika finger in the direction of Gopal Krishna Chandra, Uma laksminarasinha rupondutonna film producers' laksmibamb. Currently, the film-production activities are growing fast. The occasion .... Laksmiprasanna Snow said, "I am challenging role. Egjayiting subject. So far, it does not judge the role of different characters in the film, the film is full of kanapadatanu single continuous stretch of schedule cesammukhyanga climax fight has been led by a brother, Manoj. Gopalakrsnagaru Kartikeya, is the director of the film as well. Post-production work is currently underway. Diwali, the audience before the film is completed and bring forward all the programs, "he said. Producer gunapati Chitra Suresh Reddy, '' with a powerful subject, with good emotions, the film is produced by Lakshmi bomb. Planning is expected in the movie is complete. Production programs currently underway. Laksmigarini a new type of film that can be present in the snow. Fights, will highlight songs. Was the better team. Planning the film has been completed. Sunil Kashyap, the music and the songs have a very good response. The film celebrates the production of programs. Cestunnam is planning to release the film on the occasion of Diwali. Wendy Kartikeya said, `` was the director of the film very well. In addition to the post-production work is now a part of the graphics are in the works ririkarding. At the time the film is full of snow ceyagaligaligam laksmigari support. Suresh Reddy was built somewhere in the film, rather than compromised. Sunil Kashyap is the music and the songs are very good response. All operations are done on the occasion of Diwali with Lakshmi our planning to release the bomb, "he said. Posanikrsna Murali, Hema, Prabhakar, bharatreddi, Jeeva, Amit, Hemant, Rakesh, subbarayasarma, jeviar, rajababu, Sarath, sriharsa, Vishal is playing a key role. The film submission: gunapati Suresh Reddy, dance, Kiran, Art: raghukulakarni, fights, soccer, Venkat, in the editing Nandamuri Hari, songs, Karunakar, kasarlasyam, music, sunilkasyap, camera: malharbhat Joshi, the story, the words: Darling Swamy , line producer: Subba Rao, arsurendraraju, executive producer: kemurali, producers, finger maunika Chandrasekhar, Uma Lakshmi Narasimha, screenplay and direction: wendy Kartikeya.

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