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 "Vaisakham" I was very happy being the centenary of cinema - Actor kasivisvanadh "I was not nuvvuleka ',' tolicupulone" in the name of the director of hit films directed vaikasivisvanadh 'naccavuleto to turn artist, character artist, the name of the successful series of films were superhit. Character artist was kept busy with a hundred films completed within a few days. Harish as a hero, a heroine Avantikā Cinemas earned under the dynamic lady director B Jaya. Under the direction of producer interest in BA Raju 'vaisakham "kasivisvanadh heroine of the film is the father of the Act. The film was completed over a hundred images. On October 27, the eve of the Hyderabad Film Chamber was set up presmitni vaikasi Vishwanath. My thanks to the director of all the gods !! Vaikasivisvanadh actor said - '' So far, I have directed two films. However, personally, I have not ever presmit. Presmit today is the one to get. It vaisakham 'movies, the actor is very happy to have completed more than one hundred films. However, when a magazine, click on it to be a success thanks to the larger audience of readers say the gods. Superhit movie played in a hundred days, thanks to the audience, however, is the director and producers. Complete an actor for over a hundred films to be told, thanks to the same purpose darsakulandariki put this presmit. The first film, "naccavule ', the 50th film' Mr Perfect ', for the hundredth film' vaisakham. My thanks to everyone who has helped encourage the Journey telling me. What wonder whether the third film in two films directed by Ravi Babu's father is normal, for me at home, "naccavule 'natural father of the character in the film was made a godfather to me Ravi Babu. My special thanks to him. Also ramojiravugariki, "naccavule the film project for me, and I thank everyone who contributed to the team. The hundred short films of the directors, the directors have taken to the movies with me tedalekunda the Directors, Producers, Writers, kemeramens All ivvabatte me the opportunity to just 6, 7 years, was able to complete a hundred films. I'm not saying it greatly. Stage Experience, background hundred films as an actor, even though he is very happy with the experience. Contributing to the wellbeing of my co-actors, 24 Crafts'm grateful to many people. Actors from the turn of the directors who are vellamida. They are a very good position. I was also able to attend vallandari opposite. Who encourage me to darsakaratna || Dasarigaru, Ravi Babu, Seenu White, Koratala Shiva, dasaradh, srivas, who was stabbed, Paruchuri Murali, Gopichand Malineni, Jayant, Bobby, MS Raju and Teja, Maruti, jayagaru, nandinireddi, Madhura Sridhar, trinadharavu foxes, Santosh Srinivas, Anil ravipudi, cinnikrsna, Veerabhadram, Karunakaran, and many directors are encouraged to give good characters. Moreover, they are the reason for my high sdhitiki. My thanks to everyone by name. The first movie break came naccavuleto. From there, the 50th film 'Mr Perfect' went through my journey successful. Dasaradh, Dil Raju is on the phone, and should be of good character. I made the film. It also provides an opportunity to hit, and another fifty movies. Actor starred in ten chance of a good character is. If the actor Success !! Success wanting actor, well-known writers make good stories, written words. That should be the role of the directors as well as awesome design. The actor will have to rise. A good script, character, director of Bright Future for any actor will get the chance to make the films. How many movies have been a good character is important, not how much. "If a good role naccavulelo Ravibabu 'raidlo ramesvarma, Bellamkonda Suresh Rao gave a different character. "Mr. parphektlo dhasaradh," mircilo Koratala Shiva was very good characters. Time Sense, Discipline, God gave me the power to make the most of the opportunities. Everyone was in character as the father of today's top actresses. Very happy to satisfying such characters. My parents gave me a look, thanks to my wife with me that there is nothing but encourage me. It is a God-given gift to me !! An artist to grow, most people will have to bring the most name recognition. If it does not plan to. Struggle and direct two movies that I've done a lot as a director. Then, suddenly became actor. I think that it is the gift of God. Encourage natinatulandaru have a lot of my classmates. Lakkiga luck that got me. While many asked me to direct short films. Sukrtam purvajanma not everyone is going to star in it. Continue Actor arm, balayyababu Suggestions that direction can be given at any time. Since then, I prefer to give a performance. The first film, "naccavule ', the 50th film' Mr Perfect ', the little anxiety when the hundredth film, is egjaitment. "Vaisakham my hundredth film is going to be very happy. Very cool, happy, we continue to enjoy the shooting. It was dubbed the finish. I saw output. Came out very well. Anjaneya vaisakhanlone birthday, are the Maha Shivaratri festival. Vallandari Blessings are for the film. Philgud without valgariti nowhere neat movie vaisakham will be. Hundredth of a good movie and acting in films such as feeling very happy. "Vaisakhamlo my getup, menarijams are different !! My first film 'naccavulelo given the opportunity to Ramoji Rao's 50th film, "Mr. parphektlo Dill was the king. 100th film "Chance gave vaisakhamlo bierajugaru. The three RAW, RAW invited the industry. Feeling very dhrilga. Ravi Babu direction of the film 101 again, "Behold, I am in the Act. Serials that do not have a lot of opportunities. But the industry still have a lot of characters. Should be established yet. As such, it will not be very smooth refuse serials. All my dhanks. "So far it does not vaisakhamlo'm a different character. Entertainment is full. Movie are several scenes. My getup, all the newly designed jayagaru menarijams. This film is that everyone is talking. Jayagaru daring director. "Vaisakham" a new equipment for the film and brought the camera with the film was completed. Shooting jarigetappude flow was so amazing to see that coming. Lighting, coloring was beautiful. Confidence is a definite increase in the success of this film. Peruteccukovalani actor is perfect !! I've done all of the opportunities that came to me. So far did not give him the character meant. The better the chances of me coming on my belief in my purvajanma sukrtam respect. I have yet to have a lot of directors. Learn how to make everyone want to be mauld. And is the perfect actor to bring the new characters. Soon interested to complete another 100 movies. Direction is to do. Like the script of my mind, publicity, promotion, if it could be a good producer will Direction. Neret make clear what it takes to be a director and character actor philayi that must be followed. Audience also my Performance, Actor accept my badilangvej have liked. Krishna 'Govindudu andarivadelelo aprisiyet well have been made. Maricipolenu it forever. Hard-to-achieve anything !! Dark, Sridevi starrer direction ramaravugari roof of the 'green unoccupied, "the film made an associate in the workshop. The BA There is rajugarito. He was then krsnagariki right hand. Since then, BA King, I was very close ayyam. King rose to a height of a thousand films a great journalist and public relations officer. I grew up taking the check from the hands of the producer level. There is a lot to see all of dhrillingga. Hard-to anyone in the industry, bierajugare evidence that anything can be achieved. "Vaisakham 'egjait heard the story became too much !! 98 Dictatorship, "Sardar gabbarsing '99th film. BA wants to do a movie for the hundredth time, King 'vaisakham "Listen to the story that was called. Egjait contribute to much of the story. It looked awesome. "Lavlilo guest was in character. The film became a superhit. Chance of superhit films such as coming to work on my luck. My thanks once again to all the gods of the opportunity provided by the director said. The film, starring Kashi Vishwanath, director of the details. 1. naccavule - Ravi Babu, 2. Ride - ramesvarma, 3. remaking - of the attacks, 4. namovenkatesa - Mr. White, 5 Param Vir Chakra - Dasari Narayana Rao, 6. Supreme Head - Murali, 7. Lion - satyadev, 8. dansrinu - Gopichand Malineni, 9. Potugadu - Pawan Wodeyar, 10. Park - vien. Aditya, 11. The three - Vienne Aditya, 12. bulloda Bhimavaram - Uday, 13. Jem - Isappalem Srinivas, 14. Dragonfly Dragonfly - MS Raju, 15. boyfriend - S, 16. cukkalanti girl the coolest boy - kanmani, Vienne Aditya, 17 . grikuvirudu - dasaradh, 18. Pilla nuvvuleni life - Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, 19 tinmar - Jayant C paranji, 20. dynamic - fame, I think 21 newly - Bharat, 22 for the first time - Mahesh, 23. Lovely - Jaya b., 24 . thousand lies - Teja, 25. duet - Shivaji, 26. maunaragam - elsures, 27. Ishq - vikrankumar, 28. Amravati - Ravi Babu, 29. laddubabu - Ravi Babu, 30. wasp - Santosh srinvas, 31. ivarsam witness - Ramana, 32. Gallo telinattunde - Suresh, 33 Zabardast - nandinireddi, 34 it is you - blue Prasad, 35. the wedding book - Ramakrishna, 36. What was a kid - sunilkumarreddi, 37. Bhai - Veerabhadram Chowdhary, 38. how do - Anish , because love is 39 - Karunakaran, 40. Disco - perhaps, 41. kalavar King - Suresh, 42 chillis - Koratala Shiva, 43. Pandavas Pandavas bees - srivas, 44. Student Leader - Appa Rao, 45. dillunnodu - Ravindra Jai, 46.'re entandanga - MS, 47. Rough - care, 48. you me - Narayana, 49 kottajanta - Maruti, 50. Mr. Perfect - dasaradh, 51. broker - RP Patnaik, 52. It's My lavstori - Madhura Sridhar, 53 . It's My Life - arnetaji, 54. half of the sky - premaraj, 55. Just ganes Saravanan, 56. lakshim_pamphlet What really took place - Prabhakar, 57 Mallige marriage bureau - hrdayaraj, sweet kalavo 58 - Shivaji, dropping 59 Pyar - Ravi cavali, 60. Brother of bommali - cinnikrsna, punchy 61 - Nagendra Kumar, 62. the mischievous - Nagendra Kumar, 63, son-class girl mass - Sri koneti, 64. the peddollunnare - Laxman, 65 achieved - venkannababu, 66 . idiots - Mahesh, 67. Publishers certainly - Mahesh, 68 we came of age - trinadharavu fox, 69. Saheba Subramaniam - Sasikiran, 70. Govindudu Andarivadele - Krishna, 71 scene - sripriya, 72. Power - Bobby, 73. pavanijam - ike Chaitanya, 74 kirak lavstori - harik, 75. laukyam - srivas, 76. laksmirave our home - Nandyal Ravi, 77 Lavakusha - Vijay, 78 paddamandi love - Mahesh, 79. Guarantee superhit film - Chandu, 80 Patas - Anil ravipudi, to see 81 - Suresh, 82 sriramaraksa - Sriram, 83 errabassu - Rao, 84. red Alert - candramahes, 85. Raja you cry - Kishore, 86 Tiger - tivianand, 87 . jadugadu - Yogi, 88 godari else - bhinji, 89 kannayya - education, 90. Nandi suluvukadura - Govind, 91 Sairam Shankar - Movie Sudarshan, 92 Bhale Bhale magadivoy - Maruti, 93 masakali - nabhi, 94. chilli dosa - fact, 95 run - anilkrsna, 96 our son - Kumar, 97 mayamal - Govind, 98 Dictatorship - srivas, 99. Sardar gabbarsing - Bobby, 100. vaisakham - bijaya, 101. adugo - Ravi Babu.

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