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Tanu Vacchenanta Team in Radio Mirchi

 Achyutha Arts "He vaccenanta .. .. '  Teja kakumanu, Reshmi Gautam, dhanyabalakrsnan, calaki baby, sivannarayana, Fish Venkat, among others, by the casting of the film, "he vaccenanta .. '. The film is produced by Chandrashekhar Azad Achyutha Arts banner, is darsatvam Venkat Cachar. Rapidly will complete post-production of the film is planned to be released later this month. Reshmi regard to the promotion of the Chitra Gautam, Teja kakumanu Vijayawada and Vijayawada Siddharth radio chili was Hulchul with college students. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra, producer, Shri Chandrashekhar Azad patibandla "had a good response to the recent release of Songs. Our hero is a good response to public Teja kakumanu being used in Vijayawada. Radio Mirchi to the program, all went to college, Siddhartha saw the trailer for your movie, heard a lot of songs good to say that. jamedi What is curious is that is asking a lot. our film is not anukunnadanikante a good response from the audience. the afternoon of the day for the promotion of the film in Vijayawada popular malls, shopping complexes, advancing our hero and heroine of kakumanu Teja, Reshmi Gautam, calaki baby coming . Fundamentally macitranni janalaki well, thank you acknowledge them is going to be closer to the media. the hero kakumanu Teja said, "I studied in Vijayawada. Dayavadalu extremely adaristunnanduku him. Amazon was the first to introduce the film then this movie is going to be happy. "He said. The film's line producer: bekkem too, Art: sistala Sharma, camera, Rajkumar, Editing Team: Gary bihec; Ganesdi, Visual Effects: Vijay, Music: ravicandra, background music: sasipritam, production partner: piyasvant, songs: Challa Bhagyalakshmi, story-maker: Chandrashekhar Azad patibandla, Creative Producer: K. Raghavendrareddi.

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