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Srikanth-Roshan-Ooha Interview About Nirmala Convent

 Nagarjunagaru Roshan gave good support - Srikanth King Nagarjuna's son Roshan's exposing G. Srikanth maitistar presentation. Nagakotesvararavu direction Annapurna Studios, Matrix Team Works, on the concept of Nagarjuna benars Film Productions, jointly Nimmagadda Prasad film 'Nirmala Convent. Shriya Sharma acted as a heroine. Saluri music director Roshan terriphik response from the audience, is that the movie audio. King Nagarjuna by the 'new language' song was a big hit with music lovers akattukuntu exponentially. As well as 9 of the film are introduced to the New talentsni. The film was completed, all programs will be released worldwide on September 16. Srikanth-imagination in both the 'Nirmala Convent' Annapurna Seven Acres presmitni Chitra things were set up. Goes to a good position in both !! Srikanth said - '' first nagarjunagariki, Nimmagadda prasadgariki, ulti jikegariki Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Nirmala Convent "had to offer. We have not experienced at all. Roshan is thought to be the hero. But the subject is too great. Also nagarjunagaru, Nimmagadda prasadgaru the main reason to accept the producers of the film. The film was both a memorable forever. What's the movie? Need to. Experience is useful to keep in all the. Since that day I have taken the wrong decision, "Nirmala kanventlo Roshan is not used to stay. God is a good decision, provided that both the film and given a chance to work. Is very happy. Roshan is how? What? Spatki shooting that I only went twice. Confidence is a very cool getting nowhere tension. And after that, but did not sutingki. Cesko matter what you are. Roshan left the decision that you are taking. It is said that the passages nilabadagalavu're on your feet. Totally did not see the movie. But that is very good cusinavaranta. After tomorrow, we will see phastkapi. The film will be released when it is very egjayitingga. We are very confident that the good name rosanki. The audience, the fans should rosanki Blessings to all. Ceppadalucukunnam rosanki alone. Without any background, we are very hard to get this stejki. You have the background. Nilabettukunta it must be very hard work. All good, keep in manners. Down-to-earth person that should have been said. As well as the. All the Best, Roshan said. Roshan did the idea to make a movie? - I first wanted to let both the cricketers. Ippincam coaching five years old. Early Morning .. tisukoccevallam graundki taken. Kastapaddam have much support. Yet a little more difficult anpincindi Mackay. Stetki also select the time that 'rudramadevilo had to offer. Young "acted rudramadeviga. Appatnunci rosanki has greatly increased interest in films. Decide to become the next hero. We do all the twenty years phulpledjdga Educate thought, let's grand launch. Unfortunately, the film was having nothing to do with the arrival of Chancellor kanventlo Nirmala. Nagarjunagarito you played the villain? He has now built your boy "appeared kanventlo Nirmala. Feeling how? - At the time, so I do not have any background have the opportunity to kadanakunda Act. Lakkiga rosanki now had a chance. Nagarjunagarito both acting together is very happy. Do this. Encourage many tips that have been told to do so nagarjunagaru. Good luck to both of the first film under Annapurna Studios banner. Nimmagadda prasadgaru as well have been a great support. .. I pretend nagarjunagarito villain is quite happy with our son's act. Philayyaru to see the movie? - Have not seen the movie. We have seen a few bits. See you tomorrow. We are very confident the film will be a definite hit. Sentiment, love scenes, entertaining scenes did ekstrardinariga. When the audio function let stejimida anpincindi Roshan? - Dizziness, holding a job is talking. I got a lot still to fear. Matladevadini not at all. This is all a matter of a psychopath. Roshan spoke about so we did not expect at all. He speaks very little in the house. Talk about something a little more drastic emotional philayyanu. The eyes were along the water. Roshan to career planning? - 'Nirmal kanventto rosanki had a good experience. After a gap of two years to bring about the next film alocistam. Planning is very important. Hard and learn a lot. When it comes to the success of the hardvark. Perfect to learn all of the characters in his films phulpledjdga ejki will suit. In the case of taking care of any kind of dancing? - Sure. Young generation is now well throughout the dance. Kampalsariga do well in this competition neggukuravalante dance. Roshan, who has been dancing since childhood. Going to be a regular practice. Separate to create a style of its own. Each character should be involved. The most important of all the luck. Regular exercise is also as well as the physical. If the body fit and healthy Worthwatching. The good movies .. ceyyagalugutam said. Good luck to both - Mrs. imagination "When the opportunity rosanki Nirmala kanventlo What is your reaction? - First I did not expect at all. "Rudramadevi" will stop after thought. But the 'Nirmala Convent' subject kadanalekapoyam heard. Let's fix that if rosanki ayyam interest. Roshan also showed interest in the well to the film. Ejki teenage love story, which is set to be a fresh and pure. Nagarjunagaru, Nimmagadda prasadgaru encourage new talent and the film. Nagarjunagaru first film, the film had to agree Nimmagadda prasadgari banner into the count. Roshan's film, which is very loved. Miremaina gave rosanki Suggestions? - Our experience was the home of a senior ektresga ceppevallam some tips. Setski ever did. But when the house began to share with us the experience both. Roshan says to call us from time to time jikegaru cestunnadanedi. Nagarjunagarito acting brought him to the slight tension. Nagarjunagaru have much support in this regard. The second day will be made without any tension. Did not get any stadiski Problems? - There is a little trouble, but was shooting jikegaru Perfect Planning. School was encourage more flexible.         Roshan audio philayyaru talk to you? - First eyes showed the water. Hero's Wife, and the fact manabbayi skrinmida appear on a ektresga feeling of being one with the motherboard. This film is quite happy to come lakkiga effort rosanki offer. Speak at home. Roshan has not experienced such talks. About Roshan in mind that there is a good view of a psychopath in his words. Philayyanu heard it a little more emotional. I was raised in a normal kid - Roshan Your mother and father have any advice? - A little more difficult scenes, while the Mother-Father, said some of the tips. Sitcyuyesan sentimental scenes, especially scenes involved in the act philai. We always raise the turn, as well as the type of the original philai said. What a hero? How is the reaction of your friends? - Success when they are in the position to become the definite change. But all my friends are still Era? Layer? Called. Encourage and support the well-being of me. Unlike the heroes are friendly. First Time is a hero? Philayyaru How? - Phasttaim I made the camera face 'rudramadevilo. When a hero, while ektarga character is a lot of difference. When the hero of a slight tension. Ektarga character while more attention. When this film first philayyanu nervous. Apart from being a hero to launch the player? - Cricket Coaching stetki to select the time that 'rudramadevilo had to offer. If the TV even after the Act of films that kanpistam philayyevanni. One year after the film came to Chance. Increased interest on the interest on cricket, movies, and so slowly. Played with your dad? - Would definite future. Ektar son did not raise a kid. A normal kidlane increased. Vellevanni sutingski not ever. That is hard to give a good position in the need to know what a man. So I increased the normal kidney.

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