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Lacchi Teaser Launched

 'Moonlight' fame Jayati's 'lacci' movie teaser launch event  Every home in the moonlight from the Programme pravait channel and towards the audience posing as the heroine of the movie lacci Jayati mettamedatisariga. J9 4 shows the banner is producing this film. Ishwar is being introduced as director with this film. A new genre of comedy horror in this film are introduced. Adayo programs completed shooting the film, the soon to be released in the presence of sinipramukhula. All programs purtacesi is planning to release the film in October. Today is the first look at the teaser image related to the lacci T spokesman esvenugopala Chari has been released from the hands of Gary. From the hands of well-known director Puri jagannadh first look at the poster for the film was released.  Speaking on the occasion, director Puri Jagannath Rao .. lacci now so have the first look launch of the poster. Also seen in the teaser. Very good. Jayati pretending desire to become a big hit with the construction of the lacci. Said  Chari said that the Telangana urlalo lacci esvenugopala ... .. as well as in Andhra Pradesh is also known as the acquired habit. Jayati of saying thanks to have such a title. Thank you for giving me the chance, by the release of the teaser. My best wishes to all those who acted in the film say. I hope this movie will excite all pellicupulu like image. Said that  Isandarbanga producer, actress Jayati said that "the experience of many television programs prodyus cepattanu mettamedatisariga film. The story of the film and then I was in the role of the main lead. We made this film in the horror comedy genre in a new genre. The title of our film lacci have been finalized. The the film revolves around the cutlune lacci character. All the popular comedians featured in the film. All navvincarukuda .. I am very happy to work with as well as the legend yamviraghu cameraman. he took it 'mettuki another. the words presented to Raja maruduri. adaristarani all hope that our film. our film moving to launch the first look at the teaser of an venugopala Chari garu our thanks, thank you acknowledge, as well as director purijagannadh garu pratyekhamaina. very soon we'll release the audio Suresh Yuan. to release the film in October Preparations for it. "He said.  Another actress said tejasvini .. This film debut for me, like a lot of Mr. Ishwar darsakadu whereby each role. I am in the main role. We are planning to release the film in October. He said.  Jayati, tejasvini, Dilip, candramehan, Purnima, Raghu Babu, Dhanraj, seking SESHU, they pretended to ramprasad etc. ..  Ishwar darsakudu Jayati nirmata Kemera yamviraghu Raja matalu maruduri Yuan Suresh sangitam Editor Prabhu Sahityam kandikonda Art - Varma

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