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Hyper Movie Releasing on September 30

 14 reels of the film `haipar proud - Chitra Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara Ram energetic, talented director Santosh srinvas 14 Reels Entertainment banner in association with the combination of boyinapalli Venkat Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara produced action entertainer 'hyper' (okaduntadu each house). Completing the sensor `U / e-certified on September 30, the film will be released worldwide grand. The ....  Gopichand Achanta ... the producer of the film was completed, the sensor U / A certificate received. Will be released on September 30. Hyperlinks will release the film in theaters hayyast Ram career. On March 29, the US plan has been in the premier shows. Srkins will be released in a total of 92 in the US. 72 days of shooting this film was launched on June 3 has been completed. The film has been launched today announces that it will release a slew of Dussehra. Vizag and Hyderabad has been the difficulty of shooting in the rain fell in four days. Everything was as we did for the rest of the plan. Artists, technicians, when all would be well koparet shooting has been completed. Abburi Ravi provided in the context of a dialogue. We have a good story and a good movie. Hopefully the audience adaristarani said.   Was director Santosh srin ... the planned release of the film in a way that can hyper-shooting and is very happy. Hyper-good film. Everyone will be connected. Every father - son who wanted to do the film with the audience after the film idiram wasp must determine whether the film is no more need for the Best Movie 4, and the story of the Final Four have been discussions. Supports a good story, and told the audience. Success - Failure is not in our hands without thinking about them so as to provide a good film. For this film artists, technicians are nestled in Day & Night. I ayyanemo compromised, but ... our producers, however, this film without being compromised. Jibran comes with a good response to the music. Mani Sharma is going to be provided, as well as X trardinari re-recording.   ... The 14 reels producer Anil Sunkara happy is pleased to provide this hyper picture. The film was so well that 99% of the credit goes to the director of the vasuke. Movie theaters, to the father - son with the coupon given vasteo. Gelicinavallaku pull the coupons that are drawn in the order of 5 million andaceyanunnam caduvukunendu said.   ... Vasu mocyurd director-producer Ram Achanta said. It is our belief that the best movie career would be Ram. In the film, the father - son relationship, along with the other angle. The movie is going to take it another step forward.

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